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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    90% of these comments r creepy as fuck

    69last year
  2. Anonymous replied

    hey! I wanted to write that. :( :D
    very creepy. those pedos coming out. this is the only way for them to get child porn legally. D:

    19 months ago
  3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Her face looks like a fuckin' monkey. That said, I've got a banana.

    17last year
  4. hbki

    0last week
  5. Schön Film. Ich fick dich auch mal, wenn du willst ?

    03 months ago
  6. Lupe Fuentes is My Goddess, and I Worship Her!

    15 months ago
  7. Oh god give me this girl
    i wanna suck her out
    you guys are so lucky to get these wonderful babes
    but we indians dont have such chances
    ooooooo she is so young like the one i know
    i too know exactly similar sexy and very beautiful sidvicious same agr girl but a waste no one will get her to suck because of culture here
    i bet if you western guys see her will definitely make her a huge pornstar ar an hollywood actress

    06 months ago
  8. i want here so bad

    06 months ago
  9. pepe

    08 months ago
  10. Idiots. She is 19 in that vid. She is young and hot. ID FUCK HER ALL THE FUCKING DAY! Fucken old bastards who tell this is pedophile, it is not.

    59 months ago
  11. super !!!Какая ваша любимая часть этого видео? (Анонимно)

    09 months ago
  12. when he take your hair is wonderfull

    19 months ago
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    09 months ago
  14. her cuteness

    19 months ago
  15. She looks too youg!!!!!!!!!! Wrong!!

    39 months ago
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    09 months ago
  17. this thing is fuckin illegal

    09 months ago
  18. four sex education only

    010 months ago
  19. the way her petite body rides that cock

    010 months ago
  20. Good

    010 months ago
  21. you all know she started doing porn at 18 right there was even a court case where a guy was accused of owning child porn with her in it but she showed up to the court house and proved she was 18 and always was for her porn career. don't believe me look it up. twice if you have to.

    510 months ago
  22. hey this is child porn. shouldnt be legal.

    010 months ago
  23. young is fun

    210 months ago
  24. the way he peeled her little panties down and stuck it in from behind!!!!

    211 months ago
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    011 months ago
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    111 months ago
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  33. This doll can't be as young as she looks!!!!! The way she handled that (not small) cock tells me she's fucked more than her share!! I need to see some more of this babe's stuff - but judging from the way she handled that guy's cock in the cowgirl she's been around for a while!!!!!! she could fuck me right now!

    3last year
  34. Anonymous replied

    Little Lupe/Lupe Fuentes

    09 months ago
  35. MMMM would love to bang lupe.

    4last year
  36. Anonymous replied

    me too - that 12 yr old can sure take a cock in her pussy - I'd knock her up if I could

    4last year
  37. funny story she traveled to a foreign country ounce to testify for a guy that had her videos, because that country actually thought he had child porn.

    4last year
  38. oh my hell i was horny after this video

    1last year
  39. im only ten and i really fantasize about being fucked so hard god will have to forgive me for the next year mmm

    5last year
  40. Anonymous replied

    If you've got a pussy like this babe, ten or not, cum and let me cum in your pussy!!!!!

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  41. Anonymous replied

    let me cum in you as well - I love fucking young little girls

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    3last year
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    56last year
  45. Anonymous replied

    are you girl i will fuck you

    110 months ago
  46. the first time i saw her nice

    0last year
  47. damn the way she moves her ass

    2last year
  48. Man the porn industry scares me sometimes with how young these girls look.

    3last year
  49. she was so hot when she was young

    32 years ago
  50. This girl's fuckin 21 dickweeds, get a life. It's great you like petite girls, but don't delude yourselves. Idiots...

    42 years ago
  51. she looks only about 11 or 12 yrs old in this.lovely lil girl sucking a big cock.

    312 years ago
  52. Anonymous replied

    I'd love you take hr up the ass then finish off by cumming in her pussy. Even better if she were to get pregnant for it. Can you get a 12yo knocked up?

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  53. Anonymous replied

    I fucked a 12yo and got her pregnant

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