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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    hey guys does anyone know how to get a car started when the battery has run out?

    625 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    if its a stick .. get it rollin above 7 mph .. with the ignition on and ur foot to the floor .. trans in first .. dump the clutch ...

    14 years ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    Root beer and a kangaroo- put the two under your hood and close it up- just pour the one over everything and stuff the other in. Tried and true method, really.

    04 years ago
  4. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Buy a new battery

    15 years ago
  5. Can't stand a woman who doesn't stay on task and is more hand than mouth. Stop flipping your hair around.

    04 years ago
  6. hello

    04 years ago
  7. Nice blowjob video.

    05 years ago
  8. a nice amateur video

    05 years ago
  9. she's a hooker-- adrian steele. real names jennifer polonski tho. she sucks off cock real good cuz shes nucken futs!!

    05 years ago
  10. Call me a dick but I'm just annoyed she didn't go on to do porn.

    25 years ago
  11. thats hot!
    this one time well i was livig at home still i was giving my bf at the time head he was gettin close so i got on my knees mouth wide open and he blow a nice big creamy load for me i licked up what was on my chin and lips and thats when i heard my dad call for me, i bolted out the door not wanting him to think anything was going on and not knowing that i had freash creamy cum on my shirt and pants

    65 years ago
  12. Anonymous replied

    yeah, we all live in a fantasy world.

    145 years ago
  13. lovely

    26 years ago
  14. good

    06 years ago
  15. lucky bastard. =D

    66 years ago
  16. She's got a big beautiful jewish nose / And it's there two minutes earlier wherever she goes

    176 years ago
  17. Anonymous replied


    05 years ago
  18. Anonymous replied


    15 years ago
  19. Anonymous replied

    Fuck you stupid muslim

    05 years ago
  20. Anonymous replied

    Well she can believe in any religion as soon as she blows me like this

    14 years ago
  21. this girl is Dante Huff from Winnipeg, Manitoba

    56 years ago
  22. Anonymous replied

    it is indeed

    25 years ago
  23. Kristina Bak!

    06 years ago
  24. she's sexy...i love when she put his cock on her tits

    106 years ago
  25. i really disliker her nose

    26 years ago
  26. weak...

    16 years ago
  27. Anonymous replied

    i really dislike you fucking homosexual

    116 years ago
  28. i fap to girls i know, including my mates gfs

    26 years ago
  29. I think I know this girl.

    16 years ago
  30. i'm horny

    06 years ago
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