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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    this has happen to me. I was in the mall and these two men came up to me and ask me if I like to become a movie star. I say yes then one said it's a porn star ( right ). they told me I can make lot of money. so stupid as I am I said yes. told me to follow them in my car. I went up and they had all the stuff make movie. they use me not like I been used I like it. then here is the kicker they told me they need more and with more men which I did. I was with a lot of men being filmed. at one point I did ask for money doing the short films but they told me the other party have vent sold and but need more so I agree. now this been going on for all most a year. so one day I told them no more. I don't know what happen to all the movies I did for them. so you can say i'm one stupid girl, and I do get phone calls form men I was in the movies as stupid as I am I go and see them.

    1last year
  2. Anonymous replied

    omg I thought that just happen to me. the same thing . but I stop it for going that far. I just made 3 short films, and that was it. sorry you dint see what was going on.

    0last year