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Sharing my wife while I video, for the first time... [13:26]
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    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT


      95 months ago
    2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT


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      34 months ago
    3. Wow that was great, first class genuine video

      via fapdu for ipad

      03 weeks ago
    4. WOW, that was an amazing night! I felt like i was there; well done! She is so beautiful and what an amazing body, good lord, that ass so perfect, those perfect tits and flawless skin like an angel! That was one lucky guy who got to share her that night, you did good picking a nice guy that was so gentile with her and still gave her a nice solid fucking. I feel a little bad thinking about all the wicked things i would have wanted to do to her, but he did perfect; took it nice and slow, took his time, let her have fun. I loved how she was looking back at you as if to say, 'can you believe i'm getting fucked by some stranger?' All while coming a little each time. really really nice, thanks!

      02 months ago
    5. Anonymous replied

      I also did the same thing

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      0last month
    6. Video sex Melayu

      13 months ago
    7. How are you

      via fapdu for iphone

      14 months ago
    8. Sheery

      via fapdu for android

      04 months ago
    9. Love watching my wife fuck

      via fapdu for android

      15 months ago
    10. Amber

      via fapdu for android

      26 months ago
    11. she is soooooo sexy

      17 months ago
    12. Love wife sharing

      via fapdu for android

      38 months ago
    13. Ultimately done

      via fapdu for android

      210 months ago
    14. Ulu

      via fapdu for android

      010 months ago
    15. lol They got WWE RAW playing in the background

      5last year
    16. she is definitely pretty hot with a great body but seems slightly retarded.

      5last year
    17. Reminds me of our 1st time sharing with my buddy . She was so shy at first . Loves it now !!

      3last year
    18. she gets fucked

      42 years ago
    19. Gorgeous, love her innocence

      42 years ago
    20. Ugly ass bitch, she looks a bit retarded!

      02 years ago
    21. She looks so innocent, like we are watching her be corrupted. And there is the unmistakable look of enjoyment in her eyes, like she doesn't want to admit it but can't help herself.

      42 years ago
    22. Your lucky to have such a great wife.take care of her and don't make her do anything she doesn't want to do remember how much she loves you

      via fapdu for android

      32 years ago
    23. Convincing!

      via fapdu for iphone

      32 years ago
    24. She looks in this video still not so used to be shared. (Tell me if I'm wrong). But it's a great and really cool video!!!

      32 years ago