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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT



    479 months ago
  2. Anonymous replied


    79 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    really hd

    69 months ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    not working

    13 months ago
  5. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I found her under the name OUSweetheart(Summer). Oh, and I would drench her body in oil and then fuck her like a beast, sucking those giant tits dry as I did.

    155 months ago
  6. Anonymous replied

    OH MY GOD dude I wish I could thank you personally.

    34 months ago
  7. Anonymous replied

    No worries, pal. You can thank me like this: if you ever find a chick half this hot, give it to her twice as hard for all of us.

    114 months ago
  8. not dani Jensen unless she had a lot of work done. different face

  9. I'm usually not into overweight women, but this one is fucking excellent. The smooth voice and professional behaviour really make up for her body shape. 10/10 would fap to again.

    04 weeks ago
  10. séxsi

    0last month
  11. tousa

    0last month
  12. her name's Dani Jensen

    0last month
  13. Anonymous replied

    No it's not.

    0last month
  14. she is soooo hot

    22 months ago
  15. her voice

    13 months ago
  16. she's so sexy looking and her xoice is a big turn on, shame about the background noise

    04 months ago
  17. I fapped to this vid about a week ago: it was dark in the dorms, my roommate moved out for the winter. I locked myself in, turned off all the lights and did my thing. It was one of the best fap sessions I ever had.

    34 months ago
  18. o man i want more vids from her lol

    24 months ago
  19. pls link that's not pornhub. pimpbull not working

    05 months ago
  20. I can’t eve…. just….

    05 months ago
  21. Cute as a mudkip!

    16 months ago
  22. whats her name?

    06 months ago
  23. Anonymous replied

    Dani Jensen

    0last month
  24. absolutely perfect

    06 months ago
  25. I think I made it to "eight"

    16 months ago
  26. "Learn to jerk off from your favorite Disney princess"

    86 months ago
  27. she is beautiful her body is stunning and her voice is like silk to my ears stay the way u are and perfection is achieved

    17 months ago
  28. Have mercy! I think she tops the charts on my years of viewing on the Internet.

    67 months ago
  29. this chick is amazing

    58 months ago
  30. I would so marry her

    39 months ago
  31. This girl must be a pro.

    59 months ago
  32. i love u, please, marry me!!! <3 ^^

    09 months ago
  33. you are all pervert

    09 months ago
  34. Anonymous replied


    56 months ago
  35. Anonymous replied

    So what are you doing here?

    15 months ago
  36. if she lost a little bit of weight she'd be absolutely fucking perfect. even still, 10/10 would definately bang

    39 months ago
  37. What's this? A decent joi without the girl yelling abut how you're a fat lard and other such insults that ruin boners? HERESY

    149 months ago
  38. Yeah, a chick is gonna teach me how to jerk off? Bitch, you can't touch my game at this, yo. Seriously though, does she think that this is cute? Being retardedly "cute", making long pauses? And teaching guys how to jerk off? I think we know how, you stupid piece of shit.

    09 months ago
  39. Anonymous replied

    That escalated quickly.

    157 months ago
  40. lol fat americans like the fat girl w/ pig nose

    09 months ago
  41. No, she's fat.

    09 months ago
  42. Anonymous replied

    and you're a dick

    69 months ago
  43. the part what with the boobs

    19 months ago
  44. OUSweetheart on myfreecams com

    110 months ago
  45. I would love to bury my face in her crotch!!

    010 months ago
  46. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

    I wanna marry her!

    610 months ago
  47. fuck i'd absolutely pound the fuck out of her fat chest

    010 months ago
  48. If she weren't overweight I could have got off at the end.

    210 months ago
  49. Anonymous replied

    be serious, you would last more than 2 minutes with her

    110 months ago
  50. She is just beautifullll and those eyes!

    110 months ago
  51. The name is the most importnant part

    211 months ago
  52. I'm surprised that fapdu still premises the comment box with "what's her name?" We all have internet stalking ability. And Her name is not the most important part of this vid. I fap for freedom, not for her fame.

    411 months ago
  53. Anonymous replied

    people want the name so we can find her again....

    1610 months ago
  54. Anonymous replied

    Or find more videos or most of the time, the long version of a short clip that doesn't have her name.

    110 months ago
  55. Anonymous replied

    my internet stalking ability is through people asking, "whats her name?" on videos like these...

    48 months ago
  56. Damn!

    Whatta gorgeous thick redhead!!

    211 months ago
  57. she looks like this chick that used to blow me sometimes, one time i fucked her and she let me fill her pussy with cum, her name was maggie

    011 months ago
  58. Anonymous replied

    cool story bro

    1811 months ago
  59. I can has?

    0last year
  60. Anonymous replied


    0last year
  61. Anonymous replied

    he wants to fuck her
    not that thats a weird thing

    111 months ago
  62. so boring i cant believe ppl pay this wh0re for these wack videos

    1last year
  63. Anonymous replied

    You ARE stupid if you paid...

    5last year
  64. I really liked her laugh and whimper...sweet but sinister. I loved how she teased the dildo with her mouth/tongue. The awkwardness made me want to fuck her even more. One of the better anticipatory/dirty talk videos I've seen.

    3last year
  65. she's fat

    15last year
  66. Anonymous replied

    And you're a piece of shit.

    90last year
  67. Anonymous replied

    She has a beautiful face, awesome tits, and knows how to be sexy. Also the term is 'thick' - There is a difference.

    18last year
  68. Anonymous replied

    Your mom's fat, too, but that didn't stop the gang from fucking her to beget you. So, show some love.

    710 months ago
  69. grangach replied

    i believe the term you seek is "perfect"

    510 months ago
  70. Anonymous replied

    u are gay

    010 months ago
  71. Anonymous replied

    she's Phat!

    010 months ago
  72. Anonymous replied

    You're not supposed to have high standards if you're fapping here.

    05 months ago
  73. This is OUSweetheart from MFC

    3last year
  74. Idk about "stunning"..

    3last year