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  1. muktar_420BEST COMMENT


    14 months ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Hello to all my German friends....... Sieg Heil !

    17 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    Oh boy,you're back, I've waited so long......."Sieg heil,mein fuhrer"

    13 months ago
  4. Hey Germans,at least you now have lots of refugees to fuck.

    12 years ago
  5. Anonymous replied

    Germans should " reopen " lager to put into refugees and open the " gas "

    1last year
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  9. All I'm wearing is a pair of Lederhosen and a ribbed condom.

    13 years ago
  10. cvb

    13 years ago
  11. germans like getting pooped and peed on which is fucking lame

    23 years ago
  12. They are open to anything , and seem to enjoy everything

    33 years ago