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    I luv, feet its sexy

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  4. feet,i've got 2 and they stink

    06 months ago
  5. my feet smell like old cheese on a very hot day

    011 months ago
  6. Anonymous replied

    "That's Gouda"

    15 months ago
  7. When I lived in Kentucky,I used to go to the coalmines and ask the miners if I could smell there sweaty feet. Most of the time they would beat the shit out of me.

    13 years ago
  8. Anonymous replied

    I really find that hard to believe......nobody lives in Kentucky

    53 years ago
  9. Big feet

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  10. i like cute feet

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    i like hobbit feet

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  14. I like to lay in the backyard on a nice summer day and rub a little honey on my toes,the bee's will come and lick it off,they won't sting and it tickles. I also rub honey on my exposed dick.

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    Buzzzzz Buzzzzz .....Motherfucker

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