why you like sandra brust

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      it appears that she really ejoys her "art"

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      gorgeous melons and fresh flesh

    3. 5

      she is like a bruce lee of porn, if that makes any

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      she's super sexy with milky tits

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      very very hot and bobs

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      hot body

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      <font><font>великолепные дыни и свежая плоть<

    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      She has austrian accent, her pornhub profile -sandrasweety- with private photos of her states she is a "bavarian sex addict", lives "near Munich". She is a catholic. She was born in ?1974,?75,?76. She was active during 2000/01 or 2001. Her height is ?1,50-55. MMV was the studio for wich she did more movies. 4 movies. She was in the front cover for all these 4 (she is in the front cover of all her 9 movies minus: Fickmaschinen (A pornstar named Lydia is in the front cover and Zuzanna´s anal rampage, Zuzanna is on the front cover of this one). She was directed by Harry S. Morgan. She made movies on location in Paris (the videorama ones) and Brno (the MMV ones). She has a line in english in one of her movies. ;-)

      125 years ago
    2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      She is from Austria or from Bavaria

      24 years ago
    3. que rica mamita

      14 years ago
    4. she have nice body

      06 years ago