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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    since when is rihanna white

    42 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    first of all, no chance this is rihanna, rihanna has no tits!
    secondly, in no part is she saying "rude boy is you big enough".
    I conclude from the statements above... FAKE!
    but still hot :)

    32 years ago
  3. Best cock sucker ever!

    02 years ago
  4. because it's impossible, not fap to this video)

    02 years ago
  5. lol

    02 years ago
  6. i like rihanna

    02 years ago
  7. It's fake but she's very sexy

    12 years ago
  8. fuck the shit out of her man

    02 years ago
  9. play with jenn

    02 years ago
  10. good

    02 years ago
  11. Fake

    13 years ago
  12. i dunno she looks alot better then rihanna though

    43 years ago
  13. Looks like my neighbour!

    03 years ago
  14. if you want a rhianna look a like just look up lavish styles

    03 years ago
  15. Rihanna??? Looks more like Selena Gomez to me.

    03 years ago
  16. this obviously isnt rhianna, who is this ?

    03 years ago
  17. Anonymous replied

    jenn or something like that^^
    i think the website is "playwithjenn.com" or somethin

    03 years ago
  18. this is jenn from "play with jenn" ;)

    03 years ago
  19. playing with Jenn yeah love to play with her an that cock

    13 years ago
  20. Better than rihanna, love to creampie this babe

    54 years ago
  21. this aint rihanna

    04 years ago
  22. Anonymous replied

    no shit sherlock

    54 years ago

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