Rachel Ryan (aliases Peggy L'More , Pennny Morgan, Penney Morgan, Rachael Ryan, Penny La More, Penny LaMore, Penny Morgan, Penny Moore, Penny Lamoore, Ingrid Elliot and Serena) is an X-rated performer and actor born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, August 22nd in 1961. She's known as The First true ANAL Queen of Porn due to her skill at anal sex and ability to accept cock deep into her ample ass. Rachel also is known by the nickname Rubber-rectum Ryan. Rachel is much loved and jerked off to for her intense, brooding sensuality. While her look and hair color constantly changed during her career and her breast size went up and down, her sex scenes were always charged and rambunctious.

    This busty performer changed her name several times, but still managed to stay in the limelight during the height of her pornographic career in the 1980's and 90's. Rachel has had many different hair colors, has dark sultry eyes, is 5'7 and 132 pounds and had DD breasts before reducing them back to their original size due to health concerns in 1991.

    She was most active in the industry between the years 1985 and 1998 and was a porn power house during that era, knocking out over 200 X-rated videos. When she entered the porn business in 1985, she initially used her real name, Serena. She transformed into Rachel Ryan after undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery. She's best known for her appearances in Clean and Sober (1988), In Search of... the perfect '10 (1986) and Batman (1989).

    Clean and Sober was a mainstream film starring Michael Keaton, and the only non-pornographic film Rachel starred in, even though she still appeared naked in her scenes. It was rumored that Rachel and Michael Keaton had an affair in the late 80's.
    She was also linked with Jack Nicholson. Rachel married the comic actor Richard Mulligan, from the ABC-TV series SOAP in 1992, but they were divorced by 1993. Rumours also flew that she had a rivalry with porn actress Patti petite!

    In 1992 the National Enquirer printed a photo of Rachel Ryan with a black eye, which she claimed to have received from a beating from Mulligan. In an interview with the Inquirer, she said that she'd, “married a neurotic, crazy monster” and that Mulligan “beat me in front of my daughter.” She also said that Mulligan had a weird relationship with his maid.

    Some of Rachel's enduring anal porn classics and fan-favorites are Caught From Behind 6 and A Taste of Rachel. She retired in 1992 after her divorce, having performed in over 150 adult films.