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Priya Rai also known as Priya Rai Anjali and Priya Anjali Rai was born December 25, 1977 in New Delhi, Delhi, India. At the age of only two she and her family made the long journey half way around the world to start a life, growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.

After becoming a woman in the eyes of common people, she attended Arizona State University. Even though ASU is known for an incredibly wild party scene with a range of adult entertainment companies visiting to capture the skin to skin debauchery, she ended up leaving school to become a model for fashion and swimwear. Although she is viewed as a veteran in the porn business, she dazzled audiences as a stripper for 12 years before venturing into adult film, wise choice on her part I must say. She landed an AVN Award in 2009 for Best All Girl Group Sex Scene.

At the age of 33, she still can boast one hell of a sexually stimulating body. She erects men with her 5'3" 119 pound body that is lightly tanned through Indian ethnicity. Mix her ancestry with her silky black hair and deep brown eyes, she is a biological masterpiece that has not faded with age. This makes her a versatile pornstar, able to play the younger ambitious sex kitten or the milf for your memories. Of course whatever role she is playing, or how lacking your sexual recall may be, you will in know way forget her full 34D breasts that are formed in exotic perfection, again mind you she is 33. That's straight up amazing.

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