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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    This Pinay is not ugly, by the standards of any country. The ugliness is in the profession that she practises; engagement in sexual activities, for the price of sorbetes. Those of us who exploit these ladies are far uglier than they!

    372 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    lol why is this posted on a porn site?

    382 years ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    What the fuck are you talking about?

    82 years ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    You either have a lot of pride in Philipinos or your gay

    42 years ago
  5. Anonymous replied

    It's actually a pretty beautiful practise, just like any other service. If it was that horribly ugly to them, why don't the majority JUMP at the chance to go with the next-best rich Westerner they can find, instead of staying at home and continuing to fuck other men for money? Because unlike anything the classical patriarchal Christian society would have offered to them, prostitution gives them a kind of power over their own life -and also the mind of others- that is very unique in the world, and has made clever women turn to prostitution since times untold.

    52 years ago
  6. Anonymous replied

    ^ Dude, they pretty much do. That's why so many former bargirls in Thailand are married to foreigners.

    12 years ago
  7. Anonymous replied

    This ain't gonna make me lose my boner

    102 years ago
  8. Anonymous replied


    02 years ago
  9. Anonymous replied

    Wow, You really educated me and I'm reconsidering every watching porn again...


    19 months ago
  10. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    outta of ALL The Girls In ASIA; Filipina's LOVE LOVE Fucking & They Love SeX.
    ask any men from any Country. its Well know. No matter if they're White Men,Black Men,Muslim Men,European Men,Caribbean Men,Etc, hell even Asian Men Will Tell You.In Fact It was an Asian Dude ( from Pattaya or however you spell that shit area ), he said listen to me my friend they'll fuck you the best. they love Western Men and European Men Because of the Wealth. However The Well Educated Ones Won't Bother Because they Know You only Want To Fuck Their Brains Out for Pussy Thats It.They're Educated They're not Stupid Duhh !! I just Came Back From Their This Past few months ago. around holiday time. OMFG !! #BestTightestPussyOnEarth
    this is what's Word On the Street.
    white Women = Pinkest & Tightest & Greatest Biggest Boobs
    black Women = Wetest Deepest & most Ass
    latin Women = elastic Pussy tight & stretchable and Deep But Breed the Most (ya'll Know )
    Indian Women = Wet,Snug and very easy going
    middle eastern Women = hidden sexual freaks & some curvy bodies but lota ass especial Kim K types
    asian Women = Tightest Pussies On EARTH Ever !! no matter how UGLY or PRETTY They're.
    Special ones - Filipina Women = Tightest,Tiniest,Snuggest Pussies & Tiniest Bodies.
    think of it like this - its like" Legally " Fucking a Real Teen Girl without having the Guilt Trip of the " age of consent " Factor added to it. most American & European girls don't ever look like them. so its Like " Every Man's Fantasy " and not feeling guilty the next day.

    1last month
  11. R*PE,R*PE,R*PE,FAPP,FAPP,FAPP = Filipina's AkA = LBFM - Little Brown Fucking Machines
    #LFBM gets her tight little asian Love hole Pounded till her Asian Cervix Is Worthless For Breeding. LMFAO !!
    Hey Bitch Now Try To Breed Another Little LFBM Outta Your Gutter Hole !!

    1last month

    02 months ago
  13. no one posted anything about catching HIV. you dick is going to fall off

    110 months ago
  14. whatev bro.....ACE....I WILL MARRY YOU AND SHARE YOU

    111 months ago
  15. whatever bro, ACE.......i will marry you and share you

    011 months ago
  16. WASAK

    0last year
  17. u know this is porn so fuck all ur pride n logic and *fap fap fap

    0last year
  18. this little doll is perfect ! i love every inch of her xoxoxo
    why didn't he eat her butt and pussy ?

    2last year
  19. Suckee,
    fuckee, smoke cigarette in the
    pussy, she give you everything you
    want. Long

    1last year
  20. That's someone's sister, someone's daughter..........sad.....

    12 years ago
  21. Foreign countries... shit happens. XD

    12 years ago
  22. "What's her name?" LOL! Who cares? :p

    12 years ago
  23. wow

    02 years ago
  24. this guy fucks like a ten year old, typical american pillock who probably was in single figures till his pane arrived in asia. still at least he does the decent thing and soils her face at the end

    22 years ago
  25. Anonymous replied

    ur very gay

    0last year
  26. I like her pussy

    12 years ago
  27. How petite... but he's like, really really dull in this. If you're going to do it, you got to beat it raw; fuck that pussy aggressively until she's exhausted.

    22 years ago
  28. Lived in Bangkok for a few years. This makes me miss Bangkok. Had a girlfriend there that is almost the spitting image of this girl. Only with better skin because she did not have the problems of heavy makeup that bar girls do, and her breast were a bit larger, a nice handful. Sure am missing her now.

    22 years ago
  29. Anonymous replied

    And she had that soft moan just like this girl has. Reminds me of her so much.

    12 years ago
  30. shoulda taken her with you bro.

    12 years ago
  31. ang panget ng babae ampota

    02 years ago
  32. ahahaha kinantot

    02 years ago
  33. I want that toy !

    02 years ago
  34. butterface

    02 years ago
  35. A near dead horse, a cute girl turning to prostitution.

    This is a poor country. You're joking yourself if you believe these girls are turning to a whore life by choice. Many of them have parents and families who depend on them for $ and even pressure them into this service. I like Asian girls, too, but only those who want to be with me. I've never had to pay for sex.

    52 years ago
  36. Her name is $25

    152 years ago
  37. Anonymous replied

    25 dolla beaucoup money. 5 dolla each!

    5last year
  38. She's so tiny and cute. I want one for my husband and I!

    42 years ago
  39. armando

    02 years ago
  40. I didnt actually see it because it was too slow to load, but enjoyed the comments. I just love these people who take the moral high ground (usually religious zealouts) who have to engage in "sinful" activities (guess u looked at the vid too bud in order to make those comments) to stamp them out. Just keep cruisin porn sites checkin the hot vids to get ur message across. We'll all believe you...

    22 years ago
  41. Ace is her name... I am sooooooo into this chick! I keep coming back to this video!!!!!!!

    12 years ago
  42. That little Asian takes it like a champ!

    12 years ago
  43. What's my favorite part of this video? Hmmm..... I think it's that I know I'd literally break this girl with my dick.

    12 years ago
  44. Anonymous replied

    You sound like a loser.

    112 years ago
  45. That horse is such a fuckin dumbass...

    22 years ago
  46. Even in the Philippines, I have to pay for sex, but I limit my selection to Pinays who don't speak English well. Thus, I can practise my Tagalog, and enjoy their lovely company, as well.

    32 years ago
  47. would like to se her with a fat cock in her tight asshole

    12 years ago
  48. his hand is the size of her ass

    02 years ago
  49. She is just lika a kid, only pedofiles who likes tiny asian girls

    02 years ago
  50. No tits, no ass... I'd still stick my dick in her.

    32 years ago
  51. How do these white guys do it? I am literate and conversant in Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and fairly well off. I can't get to first base with any
    decent Asian girl. I always have to pay for it!

    02 years ago
  52. yourmomisgay replied

    Because you're a male. Only thing asian men are good for is making more asian females for us awesome white men to fuck!!!

    52 years ago
  53. Anonymous replied

    he paid for it fool

    62 years ago
  54. Anonymous replied

    Im filipino and lemme tell you, filipina girls who are educated aint fucking you. They know better lol. So yea, with soon 100m people in the country, there'd be alot of glory whores. And least to say, this girl is below average.

    12 years ago
  55. Anonymous replied

    These guys go in thinking, "I'm gonna fuck this tiny Asian woman". Then they have the money to back it. But all that aside, you likely can't land one, because if you speak how you type, you have no swag, game, or w/e you want to call charisma these days. Stick to porn, because you ain't shit. And....you've probably taken dick over a female more times than you'd be willing to admit on this site.

    22 years ago
  56. the only way this could be better is with a lot of anal

    12 years ago
  57. Anonymous replied


    32 years ago
  58. Charlie Laine & Celeste Star for Dann

    02 years ago
  59. This guy can't fuck!

    12 years ago
  60. she needs a burger

    12 years ago
  61. This is the reason I keep a laptop in the bathroom!

    12 years ago
  62. the guy is a boring fucker

    02 years ago
  63. Her ass is amazing

    72 years ago
  64. Anonymous replied

    Amazingly flat. Reminds me of pancakes.

    62 years ago
  65. it looks like GDP production

    02 years ago
  66. wtf

    02 years ago
  67. Nice ass!

    52 years ago
  68. Anonymous replied

    What ass?

    112 years ago
  69. She Dank!

    12 years ago
  70. Im also a pilipino and this bitch is ugly in my eyes.

    42 years ago
  71. Eunos replied

    Lol true, not a pinay beaut in any means.

    02 years ago
  72. Anonymous replied

    that's why she has to fuck white guys who don't understand just how ugly she is

    02 years ago
  73. Anonymous replied

    she is willing to do things that girls you might say are pretty won't do they would just give you a stony look and expect you to cum...the girl makes up her lack of suoer model looks with enthusiasm

    02 years ago
  74. nice that she is wearing clothes and take positions when she is giving blowjob

    03 years ago
  75. Wet, thight and shaved pussy! Anything better than it!

    23 years ago
  76. Anonymous replied

    Yep! A little hair to nuzzle. :)

    02 years ago
  77. small titties ok ass but beautiful face makes up for it

    13 years ago
  78. Anonymous replied

    that is a nice ass

    43 years ago
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