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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    You are finding love with your dick already in your hands

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    davina Elizabeth Crawford is her name and shes now single. she has a facebook page to

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  5. you marry this guys.

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  6. this is beautiful. she's a sunburst of sensuality, carnal delight

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  7. this does have some of the wife vibe. she really reminds me of mine, especially her ass. I'd love her to let go, open every hole, drop every inhibition, just chase orgasms with a couple big-dicked studs. it would be magical

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  9. Anonymous replied

    I believe it.....completely. the seed is planted. cultivating, watering, patience. she made a very oblique, almost coy, but very sly reference to it for the first time ever a few days ago.

    it's in her mind now.

    14 years ago
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    good for you. good for her. and the both of you together.

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  16. Wife loved it

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  17. Anonymous replied

    nothing sexier than a wife enjoying her freedom.

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