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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I talked my younger brother into fucking me he cum deep in my pussy now he wants to fuck all the time.

    92 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied


    12 years ago
  3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    my son in law told me he couldn't make my daughter pregnant and they wanted me to do her, so I went to there house and she was waiting I fucked her good as he watched, I hope it works I gave her a big load.

    52 years ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    I'll get her pregnant. my friends two sisters are pregnant to me - they're 14 and 15

    22 years ago
  5. i love her feet

    010 months ago
  6. i've been fucking my beautiful cousin for years. we started fucking when we were in our 20's. that was in the 80's. we still fuck every time i go to california on buiness. we usually eat a nice dinner, with some drinks followed by a long 'fuck'

    111 months ago
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  9. i impregnated my mom and all three of my sisters, they cant get enough of my 9 inches and they seem to orgasm easily on its width. they fuck me so much i hardly get soft before one of them is slipping into my bedroom to ride again. they have all learned except my oldest sister she has three babies to me now and still wants to ride my cock!

    2last year
  10. Anonymous replied


    211 months ago
  11. yep

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  12. i like brother fucking innocent sis

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  13. I love it

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  14. very sexi vedio

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  15. So hot I would let any man who wanted to do me like this go at it. ;) I love cum deep inside my pussy. :)

    2last year
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    1last year
  17. when I was younger, I use to let my brother screw me alot. He was a lot older then me. I never got pregnant, but he was really smart about it though. He always asked me when i started my period, then he would count on his hands.
    Sometimes he would shoot it in me, and sometimes he would shoot it on my stomach. I use to love to watch him shoot!

    2last year
  18. yes

    0last year
  19. nothing feels as good as having your brother cum inside you.

    22 years ago
  20. for my 17th birthday I told dad I wanted him to fuck me, so he came to my room and let me set on his cock it felt so good as he cum in me.

    52 years ago
  21. Anonymous replied

    I'd love to come in you!!

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  22. his hot dick

    02 years ago
  23. i like to cum in that tight ass

    02 years ago
  24. exellent

    02 years ago
  25. wenn er richtig in die Fotze gespritzt hat will sie auch schwanger werden

    02 years ago
  26. wenn er wirklich in ihre Fotze gespritzt hat,erwartet sie hoffentlich ein Baby.

    02 years ago
  27. fuck that 13 yr and get her preggers

    42 years ago
  28. I have a friend who is 13....she listens to me when my wife is being a bitch. I gave her a ride to a sleepover and she reached to touch my cock....for some reason i couldnt resist. Its like the forbidden fruit....now all i want is her

    52 years ago
  29. Anonymous replied

    Fuck her and get her pregnant

    12 years ago
  30. Average88 replied

    don't do it

    22 years ago
  31. I was fucking my friends 11yo niece during the summer and she is now pregnant to me. Now I'm fucking her 11yo sister to get her pregnant too.

    52 years ago
  32. Anonymous replied

    let me get her sister pregnant...

    0last year
  33. Anonymous replied

    you're a gross perv who should be in jail. gtfo off this site

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  34. thanks for sharing that with us. Thats a big fantasy of mine

    02 years ago
  35. If it is her daddy that came in her pussy I hope she is happy and gets a baby. I have 5 babies 3 from daddy 1 from my brother and 1 from my uncle my mom's brother. my brother is my half brother her brother's son

    123 years ago
  36. Anonymous replied

    tell me more...please

    13 years ago
  37. Anonymous replied

    IMy daddy and I became lovers, when I was 16, at 16 in half I told him I wanted a baby so I went off birth control, at 17 I give birth to Jacob Ronald **** Jr. named after Daddy, a year later my brother was going in the Army as a 11B, I knew he die and had no baby to carry on his name, we fucked until became pregnant and gave birth to Jason Thomas*** Jr my brothers name sake about 10 months after that my uncle said he wanted a name sake because mom named my brother Jason and not Andrew so we fucked and 2 months before the baby was born Uncle Andrew died I gave birth to Kristy Ann ***, no Jr for him so daddy said he fuck me in Andrew's place the first time was another baby girl and last was Andrew Jr.

    73 years ago
  38. thefutaisnow replied

    that is hot. wish I could join

    02 years ago
  39. Anonymous replied

    ur lucky daddy will fuck you jealous

    02 years ago
  40. Anonymous replied

    "Here in the south, we done love fuckin' our cousins, sons and daughters! Mah sister is also mama!"

    02 years ago
  41. more girls saying "get me pregnant.. cum inside me.. please cum inside me.." better labeled.

    133 years ago
  42. Anonymous replied


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