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  1. ksmyazBEST COMMENT

    I HATE j/o vids! Gee, what fun... when I fap it, there's NO hot babe with a beautiful smile, nasty attidude, big titties to suck & fuck, mouth, or pussy to do the same with...if I did, (and when I DO), it's called, "Look Ma, no hands!" time. Hands on my cock is the method of last resort- so when I fap, I want to at least SEE what I'm not lucky enough, to feel, smell, taste, etc. BTW: when I AM with a babe, same "no hands" rule goes! Horny chicks who like to do, or see handjobs have even said they were flattered after I explained my reasons!

    06 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    who cares?

    25 years ago