Mr. Marcus is an African-American adult actor who was born on September 4th 1970, in Pomona, California and most active in the porn industry from 1995-2011. He was involved in a scandal and arrested in 2012, after infecting several other pornographic performers with syphilis during a production. The syphilis outbreak caused a panic in the porn industry, where porn productions from Europe to the United States were shut down while hundreds of performers got test and treated. Mr. Marcus worked as a truck driver before entering the adult industry in 1994. He was married in the early 1990's and has two children. Mr. Marcus was one of the first African American Porn Stars and performed in over 1,500 projects, including Nasty Nympho's 6 in 1994, Rocky XXX: A Parody Thriller in 2011 and Dirty Little Sex Dolls in 2014. He's also directed over 30 of his own films, and hosted his own show for Playboy TV called The Nooner Show, featuring educational material with live sex. His status as one of the earliest African American Porn Stars is credited with having opened up mainstream pornographic to other black performers. In August, 2012, a syphilis outbreak was traced back to Mr. Marcus, who hadn't disclosed his infection to the producers of the film he was performing in. When Mr. Marus first noticed signs of the infection, he attempted to diagnose himself online using internet searched, and by asking other people. He initially assumed the symptoms were due to stress or a vitamin defiency, and began taking supplements. Marcus passed a medical test on June 13th, 2012 for syphilis by Cutting Edge Testing, who had not tested for syphilis due to its rarity at the time. Marcus continued to perform, still believing he had a vitamin defiency due to his recent clean medical test, despite lesions appearing on his penis. Marcus was only diagnosed by his personal doctor on July 12th, 2012. After receiving multiple tests that came back positive and beginning to take penicillin, his doctor told him it was safe to perform again and that he was not contagious, even though he would continue to test positive due to a base level reading for the infection. On July 24th Marcus returned to work, and in ensuing productions managed to hide his full test results, or in some cases fake documentation. Although he worked three times, the performers from the productions he worked on after testing positive all tested negative. Marcus had infected other performers resulting in an outbreak before he was diagnosed and started receiving penicillin. Marcus was sentenced to jail on June 4th, 2013 for 30 days for “knowingly exposing at least two co-stars to syphilis after testing positive for the disease days earlier”. He was also sued by adult performer Lylith LaVey, who won US $129, 360 in damages. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Marcus has said he kept his syphilis diagnosis to himself because he was embarrassed and didn't know much about it. “That’s why we don’t talk about STDs, because you caught something in an intimate situation. With the mindset I was in, it just compounded the situation.” Mr. Marcus has written a book called The Porn Star Guide to Great Sex, discussing the pleasures of sex. The book received excellent reviews, and Marcus began lecturing at various universities and participating in panel discussions. As of 2015, Marcus has been working on a new book about sex. He was nominated 28 times for an AVN award and won 9 of them and was nominated 5 times for XRCO, winning 3. Marcus was inducted into the XRCO Hall of Fame in 2007 and AVN Hall of fame in 2009.