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    I Download all full length 7 mins+ scene teasers and when the scene is really good I swear if I dont get off soon my balls are going to Explode. The Ms is just impossible to live with when I start getting spunk on the walls. Edging? Maybe, but it's simply too hot. Its easy for me to get off twice in 7 minutes. Concentration is the key. Well, that and the little Red Beaver.
    But why is it so damned hard to find out the Girls Names? Perhaps thats part of the Mystery. Ms. March is a Gem so I do know her. The Gyno scene was so well done you would swear she was scared shit about what was happening when she was building up to full Orgasm. I "Clearly" remember being so young when I experienced my first completely unexpected Orgasm (dry of course) up untilk I came I simply thought it felt better and better. When my first Orgasm happened I actually remember being scared out of my mind, but GD!! Man it was good and this is when the Shrinks say we had our "Brains "Wired" and for me it was a Lesbian Magazine. So for my entire long life that's all I care to watch. It was true for me! I L.O.V.E. the Queer Girls so much, hell I Love all Girls so Much. Juliette March asking "whats happening Doctor" and "I don't know I feel so strange" and the finally "OH NOOOooooo"! just like Mr Bill I Swear, but humor aside she was very familiar sounding. But my Redhead is second, What is her name again (I lost my cheat-sheet) she is super HOT but as she has grown up she barely looks the same as those old shoots she did. Her breasts are to fdukn die for man!

    13 years ago