why you like mistress delilah

  1. 77

    she fed shit to males, and i wanna be her toilet

  2. 20

    i love her ass hole

  3. 12


  4. 11

    she has a big ass

  5. 8

    very hot body

  6. 8

    foot dom

  7. 6

    iam her slave

  8. 5

    bilara swallowing

  9. 2


  10. 2


  11. 1

    would love to smell her ass

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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I will be luckiest if mistress Delilah accepts me as her Toilet-Slave, for life. I will be most obedient, devoted, dedicated,submissive slave kneeling before her Devine feet,getting thrashed and tortured at her will. It is my duty, to keep my Goddess Delilah pleased with me always. If she is pleased in torturing and humiliating me I will endure any amount of torture. Please Goddess accept me as your Toilet-Slave I beg you Goddess.

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    0last year
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    A queen, a mistress, a strong lady, a perfect woman to be called a DOMINA, from her voice to her look, from the natural skin she has, to the make up she makes, hair, spit, figers, piss, poo, blood, beautiful smile, mean smile, humilation, hands, feet... believe me it's may be just me, but i've seen plenty of vids and plenty of dominatrix, she's the one i will surrender to for all my life, and be''not her slave'' but i feel myself being naturally slave and submit to a little fingernail of her foot, and will promise surely to never look up because, believe me i am weak when i look to her verry down soil of her shoes, how can i see upper, there is only one real domina, bossy, mistress... call her as you like, but don't call her less than i do, try to find something better, and if you don'y like her, how can you like me? but be sure, she don't like you too, and if it wasn't something precious for me, i ensure you that i would tell you she's gonna s**it in your mouth, wich is bad for you!!! but look at her first and surrender cuz she's mistress delilah, and i am her unknown servant. THIS IS MISTRESS DELILAH. DON'T LOOK FURTHER.

    03 years ago