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Smoking hot big-titted blonde MILF Milan Summer was born in Tennessee in 1977, and began her adult film career in 2006 at age 29. She has a piercing on her left nipple.

While in college, Milan did some lingerie and nude modelling, as well as participating in local theatre productions. A mother of two, Milan is a classic MILF, with her blue eyes, blonde hair, large round tits and dirty mouth -- Milan has no limits and can be found trying everything.

Milan is renowned for her cock-sucking abilities and can swallow the biggest cocks in the industry without gagging, after years honing her oral skills as a seasoned pro. She is also known to be a champ at taking anal, warming up quickly and capable of receiving the thickest, longest cocks deep in her ass for a prolonged banging that would destroy other girls. Milan can be heard sighing and emitting a short, sharp scream when a cock first penetrates her ass, a sign that she seems to be genuinely enjoying anal.

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    great tits and ass and so much energy

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    she is hot

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    just look good

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    sucks a mean cock

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    cuz i know her...thats what makes it all better

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    she is a freak in real life

    05 years ago