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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    why do any of you pathetic faggots even give any of these sluts money period? are you that desperate? can't get laid? you talk shit about them yet you're part of the problem. don't enocourage these whores

    3last month
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    She is stupid

    via fapdu for iphone

    04 weeks ago
  3. crazy chloe's real name is chantal lauda she is from mississauga which is right outside of toronto, canada. i went to high school with her. she's a big hoebag and everyone knows what she does and ridicules her in town. her sister is a skank too.

    12 months ago
  4. Oh yeah. Even though i never saw this show. Her Shit freezes Constantly!!!! She always continues with the show, then more freezing and more continuing. Maybe you got to horny and impatient and took it as a scam. Probably didn't tip for the show anyway. Then, you recorded this with the intention of putting on the web even if it was successful. DOUCHE!

    14 months ago

    05 months ago
  6. Your body is a wonderland. #Perfecttits

    05 months ago
  7. let me fuck

    via fapdu ipad

    08 months ago
  8. hello

    210 months ago
  9. I love that shes loving it

    0last year
  10. Fuck paying for camwhores

    4last year
  11. She's an absolute post; her looks are same same and she rips people off constantly. The biggest rip off slag on MFC is Ateena though. She'll have you pay thousands in an offline tip in exchange for a skype show - but of course, she'll NEVER do the skype show and will then ban you when you ask about it. Such a fucking whore.

    3last year
  12. Anonymous replied

    You fucking idiot, Ateena never does skype. Everytime someone ask if she does skype, she say no skype. you fucking retard, she's is one of the nices girl on mfc

    611 months ago
  13. Anonymous replied

    you are just a big fat liar

    08 months ago
  14. i have sex with Crazy Chloe right.

    0last year
  15. Because she's a fucking air head.

    0last year
  16. Crazy_Chloe from mfc

    0last year
  17. I remember this show. She disconnected and came back 10 minutes later and continued on.

    1last year
  18. Anonymous replied

    sounds about right. it looks like her vid froze lol no scam here. just a hot chick.

    111 months ago
  19. For a scammer - BritneyL, you have to pay 500+ a MONTH just to be allowed to go pvt with her, then pay for the pvt, want to send her an IM, you pay for a months privelige to do that, want to see hert pics / vids etc , guess what - you have to pay a fee to get aces to each of them too.

    6last year
  20. Anonymous replied

    ...it'S quite clever though, guess the restraint to sue an hooker with a webcam is to high!-quite a delicate problem
    what a bitch!!!

    2last year
  21. Anonymous replied

    If you give one of these women even a dime, you deserve to be scammed. Fools and their money are easily separated. Pretty sad when you are outsmarted by a teenage, ditzy blonde.

    18 months ago
  22. She's an idiot.

    2last year
  23. Anonymous replied

    You are a genius?

    011 months ago
  24. i know this girl in person. very high energy and sexy as fuck. cool chick

    0last year
  25. Anonymous replied

    Shut the fuck up. No you dont. "very high energy and sexy as fuck" LMAO! Wow, that sounds like you really know her.

    11last year
  26. pretty sure shes high as fuck

    1last year
  27. hi

    0last year
  28. She is fine as fuck my favorite mfc girl

    0last year
  29. sexy as fuck!

    02 years ago
  30. The biggest scammer on MFC is definitely OliviaNaked.
    She pretends to be doing a countdown for show and after the goal is reached she says she was just kidding. A lot of newcomers have wasted their hard earned tokens on her.

    92 years ago
  31. Anonymous replied

    I finally saw OliviaNaked in the buff. It was only less disappointing than hearing her talk

    2last year
  32. not the most mature camgirl is she.

    32 years ago
  33. I can't handle Chloe, she's way too manic for me -- I'm never sure whether to feel bad for her, or to envy her ridiculous amount of energy.

    I just wish I could read the chat log. Whenever a model pulls a stunt like this the chat turns comical in a hurry.

    This is a fun idea for an account, I hope you keep up with it. It won't take long before a model's fan club hears about it, and then the comments here ought to be worth a laugh as well. Good stuff.

    122 years ago