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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Anybody else notice that Fapdu turned into a really useless shitsite? ALL videos longer than 21 minutes have been removed. It has become a preview site for porn, fucking horrible.

    515 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    i saw it ist shit

    105 years ago
  3. ncblue replied

    Yeah, more and more good vids are being taken off. It's too bad.

    35 years ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    you guys do know that there's something called copyright laws right?

    65 years ago
  5. Anonymous replied

    be grateful that this shit even exists. Do you have any idea how hard it used to be to find porn? this website is still pretty amazing and its free. Quit whining.

    115 years ago
  6. pornhub, eporner, xhampster... fapdu is like the myspace of porn sites now

    25 years ago
  7. Anonymous replied

    fapdu's got everything, ur mama might be on it

    15 years ago
  8. Anonymous replied

    1) finding porn was never harder than my dick 2) fapdu can't help it if they are forced to take down videos

    15 years ago
  9. Anonymous replied

    all that shit

    05 years ago
  10. HerpaDerp replied

    Nudevista is a good alternative with long videos, but doesn't have playlists, and requires an email address.

    05 years ago
  11. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    GREAT site to Beat it off. Beside some longer videos take longer to load in which stalls BEATING time. Nuff said. Want full vids, start paying full price.

    24 years ago
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    04 years ago
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    14 years ago
  14. Maria Ozawa

    14 years ago
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    05 years ago
  21. I love ChinkPink.com

    05 years ago
  22. amazin jigglin tits

    15 years ago
  23. i love maria ozawa and anri suzuki

    05 years ago
  24. fade and autohide

    05 years ago
  25. also i fapped through the hole thing nice tits though

    05 years ago
  26. Lol he cries through the hole movie...

    05 years ago
  27. babycline replied


    05 years ago
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  30. Anonymous replied

    you sad sad little fellow.

    15 years ago
  31. Anonymous replied

    you pathetic asshole

    15 years ago
  32. Anonymous replied


    05 years ago
  33. She ... so beautifull to me but ..? why don't choose me .. why ?? hehe kidding ..

    05 years ago
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