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  1. 1.1k

    shes so small

  2. 578

    looks like a little girl

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    little sweet ass

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    young looking and nasty

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    cute as hell

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    tight ass

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    she is hottest and cutiest and naughty

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  10. 103

    lttle florencia tamara mansilla

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    a tiny girl with big tits

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    looks like a middle schooler

  13. 72


  14. 69

    eww she looks too young....

  15. 67

    her pussy is like a slot machine. her own words.

  16. 65

    she looks like a friend i want to fuck!

  17. 63

    she hot as hell

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    pequeña lupe webcam

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    sweet, good looking and horny..

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  22. 46

    fugly bitch disgusting

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    Youjizz.com this should be the link

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    Start a discussion on her.

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  5. Littlelupe

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  10. Cao Mirjana,blizu si a tako daleko preko poruka

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  11. What is your favorite video of hers?

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  12. Hard core

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  16. hey ppl shes taking off most of her videos on websites cuz she wants to be a singer spread the word

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  17. Little lupe

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  18. How old was she when she first lost her virginity?

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  24. Tell us more about her. Where is she from

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  25. Little Lupe With 2 Friends

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  28. What is your favorite video of hers?

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  29. Noss e o meu sonho conhecer

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  33. Little lupe & aitzia del mar

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  34. she ruined herself tits implant

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  35. hallo

    02 years ago
  36. i prefer small women. she was best when she had little titties.

    12 years ago
  37. quit making fucking awful "music" and get back to taking a cock up your ass. dumb bitch

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  38. Anonymous replied


    12 years ago
  39. dumb girls are a turn off for me

    12 years ago
  40. google the ex girlfriends she is making shit music now

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  41. Boring

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  42. rhenj

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  47. She's the stupidest fucking cunt that ever lived. I thought she was hot until I saw the vid of her on Howard Stern. Seriously, there are retards with more wits than that fuckhole.

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  48. Slavemaker69 replied

    It's just as well then that she has a job that requires as little brain cells as possible.

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  49. Anonymous replied

    did you honestly think there would be something going on upstairs? I'd be more surprised if she had a brain.

    03 years ago
  50. Anonymous replied

    i saw that show on youtube
    holy shit, now i know she should've finish grade school rather than entering the business before the age 18
    that's why she got arrested, a warrant was out for her arrest

    03 years ago
  51. Anonymous replied

    arrested! what for? crimes against stupidity?

    02 years ago
  52. She is so cute ad naughty

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