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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    little lupe is fucking hot.

    122 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    i am always trying to fuck my daughters friends but they just won't let me

    38 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    what if their dads fuck yours

    47 months ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    it's because everone knows you have a small funny dick. by the way, your mom is with us at the moment. she sucks not bad. we will teach her how to do it better.

    16 months ago
  5. Anonymous replied

    i have two young nieces..... i wish they would help me like this :P

    26 months ago
  6. Anonymous replied

    That's hot, hail Satan!

    02 months ago
  7. Anonymous replied

    Welcome to Colombia.

    02 months ago
  8. u removed it. first time on ur site and i get censorship . wont be back

    0last week
  9. gigi spice

    02 months ago

    06 months ago
  11. little lupe has 2 anal scenes

    07 months ago
  12. this why so many wanks in world seen this video

    07 months ago
  13. fuck hard those bitches

    28 months ago
  14. No anal? What a waste

    18 months ago
  15. so lovely! imagine having those two sucking on your dick!!

    010 months ago
  16. Anonymous replied

    image is all i'll ever do

    09 months ago
  17. Lupe is sooo hot

    010 months ago
  18. cause

    011 months ago
  19. FAAAP...

    011 months ago
  20. i love Lupe in this, but that other chick is seven kinds of ugly

    4last year
  21. Anonymous replied

    Strange, I found the other chick hotter

    110 months ago
  22. Anonymous replied

    Emy is fucking hot, Lupe looks like a starved ethiopian, only not half as funny

    29 months ago
  23. They are hot! I like my women cute & sexy!

    1last year
  24. Goddamn its another one of those videos you can't fastforward

    2last year
  25. lupe can ride me anytime

    1last year
  26. lupe is cute as fuk

    0last year
  27. They are great. Love sex together and I would love to cu, on both of them.

    0last year
  28. Little Lupe sucks his dick and looks up at him with those beautiful eyes.

    1last year
  29. :L

    0last year
  30. fucking hot

    0last year
  31. cute

    0last year
  32. made my dick explode

    12 years ago
  33. dat ass and dat face

    12 years ago
  34. lupe going cowgirl and the other sucking his cock from her pussy

    02 years ago
  35. little lupe with her eyes closed taking that cock

    02 years ago
  36. Cause it makes me feel like im banging my niece

    32 years ago
  37. wierd

    02 years ago
  38. Anonymous replied

    It's just about sex dumbass

    12 years ago
  39. Anonymous replied

    and it's "weird"

    62 years ago
  40. Emy is fucking good. I love Emy reyes ♥

    42 years ago
  41. Anonymous replied

    me too

    09 months ago
  42. lupeisfuck

    12 years ago
  43. I wish every mexican was like lupe, not even my señora is that hot and tight

    32 years ago
  44. LUPE AND EMY R HAWT!!!!!! <3

    12 years ago

    12 years ago
  46. lupe is sexy as hell.

    12 years ago
  47. reminds me of a girl i know. lol but lupe is kind of hotter, however evrytym i watch lupes vids i wanna fuk tht girl tht i knw. lupe is so hot x

    12 years ago