why you like lesbians in jeans..

  1. 12

    love girls in jeans..

  2. 4

    ummmmm love the corduroy jeans

  3. 2

    why no corduroy ?

  4. 2

    just wish they were corduroy !

  5. 1

    ummmmm love the corduroy jeans

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  1. imgepamajojoBEST COMMENT

    We play all the time in Corduroy.......my Girlfriends are all corduroy mad and super fetish about cord jeans

    23 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    girls wearing clothes? not natural

    02 years ago
  3. I also would love to see some girls in coruroy jeans!

    02 years ago
  4. Corduroy jeans are hot ...

    03 years ago
  5. Just for the craic we carried out a survey of 50 Lads in the club,, 86 % said they would prefer a Girl in Corduroy Jeans to a Girl in Denims, 10% said they didn't care and 4 % preferred denims...if this is a true reflection...Why are there no videos of Lesbians in Corduroy ?

    03 years ago

    03 years ago
  7. Agree with anonymous...PLEASE let us have some Girls in CORDUROY jeans...why is there none anywhere ? and they are Sooooo SENSUAL

    03 years ago
  8. I would love to see some of these Babies in corduroy jeans Woooooow !

    23 years ago
  9. Here Are Some Hot Lesbians In There Sexy Jeans. Enjoy!!!

    13 years ago