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    I like girls like lela! the got a great attitude! they show them niggers what they miss every day out there- perfect white chick performance!

    2last year
  2. Anonymous replied

    no one see's anything wrong with this comment..... really?

    1last year
  3. Anonymous replied

    that's just precious.

    0last year
  4. Anonymous replied

    She's not white, she's Mexican or some shit.

    1last year
  5. Anonymous replied

    She's Cuban...google her ethnicity...met her in Vegas...she's a lil ditzy but what can you expect from a pornslut

    0last year
  6. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    she is so sexey

    0last year
  7. sexcos

    0last year
  8. she is 1 lucky girl

    1last year
  9. omg his face in her ass ^^"

    12 years ago
  10. from behind,dogg style

    02 years ago
  11. Lex all in her ass...

    02 years ago
  12. i can imagine she quit because she was too good...looks+that attititude+the fact she ENJOYS what she does (gettin dominated) = every male porn star/company trying to call her ass down..lol

    22 years ago