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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    To the idiots who compare "real world" facts to this, kindly fuck off. This is a fantasy world with magic, swords, and uh, oh yeah…… FICTION!! Comparing this to real world logic and bitching about it only makes you look like a critical dumbass with no imagination! Ether deal with it, or fuck off someplace else!

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    102 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I just want to say i have rather enjoyed this hentai. But I never have commented before but reading these comments as a woman who has had breasts full of milk so hard that they have hurt; it is amazing to feel the release when they are sqeezed and sucked on.

    Its not for everyone. Everybody has there own tastes and pleasures. Thats why if you dont like something you move on and find something you do like. Thats the freedom of choice.

    And it is a fantasy; just as another commenter has pointed out. You need to keep that in mind watching anything in porn.

    Everything in porn is either made up or add-libbed. But it is all fake. But its amzing to watch and fap and fuck to.

    So please keep enjoying and watching these amazing stories and adventures.

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    12 years ago
  3. kyonyuu fantasy

    0last year
  4. kyonyuu fantasy

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    02 years ago
  5. I love this but whay did you blure the pussy?

    33 years ago
  6. this is so lame, there are too many ridiculous points in this video. i can't even focus on getting off because i keep pausing to laugh at how stupid half the shit in this video is. these people don't know shit about succubus. like why would a succubus survive off semen???? they don't fuck men to eat semen, they fuck men to death because they're demons who enjoy murder jfc.

    and second, why would that purple haired chick want him to squeeze her boobs to make them feel better?????

    have any of you dumbasses had a soft/delicate part of your body squeezed like how dudes in hentai squeeze women's tits???? i tried it once because no way that would feel good and guess fucking what?!? IT HURT LIKE FUCK. there was zero please and nothing but pain. if a woman squeezed your dick in the same way these dudes are squeezing those chick's tits then you'd be doubled over wheezing in awful pain.

    and also, why the fuck do these guys seem to think a women's G spot is in her titties????? like they seem to think that the more you squeeze her tits the faster she comes???? um no. no that's not how the female body works at all. you're trying to draw pleasure from the woman not knead a ball of dough. gfdi.

    i swear, do the guys making this shit even know how to pleasure a woman??? have they ever touched a woman in a sexual way? apparently not. guess i have to rely on my own imagination to get off because this shit sure ain't doing it for me. *sigh*

    03 years ago
  7. All the fucking!! Love it!

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    03 years ago
  8. Yep.. Would fap

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    14 years ago
  9. Everything. Just everything. Was perf.

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    14 years ago
  10. Love the boob sucking!!

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    44 years ago
  11. Waah..!! Kawaii.!!! (~^_^~)

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    05 years ago
  12. LOVED it. The animation, the girls, the conspiracy, the drama, the sex, the climaxes. Everything was amazing. 5 stars!

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    75 years ago
  13. She wasnt trying to break his pelvis ...i think she wanted to jam it all the way in

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    06 years ago
  14. Id fuck the shit out of all 4..:. Wish i was tht guy

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    76 years ago
  15. At 11:35 was she trying to break his pelvis or something as erotic???

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    26 years ago
  16. everything I wanted!! Yes!

    46 years ago
  17. Love him so hot

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    26 years ago