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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Oh ye man like I would so do her like right in the bum oh yeah man she would love the flesh pogo from me cuz like I am so big and horny yo, den like I wud put it on da intronet n gt famouse my self yo, cuz I am so big

    6last year
  2. Anonymous replied

    Good idea, you do that Mr West.

    0last year
  3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Kim Kardashian is a worthless whore.

    2last year
  4. Nigger

    via fapdu for android

    2last year
  5. She really isn't all that attractive...

    92 years ago
  6. Jadelf replied

    Yeah... well, she does have Dat Ass!

    32 years ago
  7. BLOWJOB!!!

    02 years ago
  8. Fuckn Nigga

    12 years ago
  9. nakhentokweoi

    02 years ago
  10. Kim Kardashian

    12 years ago
  11. kim kardashan
    ver video

    12 years ago
  12. Dat ass

    12 years ago
  13. she is one fuckin sexy bitch

    13 years ago
  14. bullshit bitch didnt get nasty and he was afraid

    03 years ago
  15. dam rj

    03 years ago
  16. I would fuck the day light out of kim if i ever got a chance.

    13 years ago
  17. i would love to ride rj big fat juicy dick

    43 years ago