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  1. douchylarueBEST COMMENT

    L'amour (1984)

    Ginger Lynn (as Ginger) [Facial]
    Kay Parker
    Nikki Randall (as Rachel Whitney)
    Shanna McCullough

    Scene 1. Ginger Lynn, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 2. Angel
    Scene 3. Angel, Harry Reems
    Scene 4. Kay Parker, Harry Reems
    Scene 5. Shanna McCullough, Tom Byron
    Scene 6. Kay Parker, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 7. Angel, Kay Parker
    Scene 8. Nikki Randall, Jamie Gillis
    Scene 9. Harry Reems, Ivory Essex
    Scene 10. Shanna McCullough, Tom Byron
    Scene 11. Angel, Tom Byron
    Scene 12. Shanna McCullough, Harry Reems
    Scene 13. Angel, Jamie Gillis

    05 years ago