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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    much better before implants. that dr. should be shot!

    492 years ago
  2. are you kidding me? her tits look GREAT. it adds a fuller curvaciousness to her already impeccable body

    92 years ago
  3. w2falb replied

    i actually got here because of her boobs!

    02 years ago
  4. AnonymousBEST COMMENT


    14last year
  5. she is so hot

    110 months ago
  6. Jessie Rogers

    210 months ago
  7. cause i'm a looser

    5last year
  8. اريد ان اراها فقط

    via fapdu for android

    1last year
  9. She's smokin hot!!!

    2last year
  10. melani rios

    6last year
  11. hot toto

    2last year
  12. Juicy Jessie's asshole is more beautiful than a blooming rose
    Juicy Jessie´s Arschloch ist schöner als eine blühende Rose

    5last year
  13. Anonymous replied

    Juicy Jessie´s Arschloch ist die vulkanisch feurige Blüte der Geilheit
    Juicy Jessie´s asshole is the volcanic fiery flower of horniness!!!
    !!! GLORY ANAL MAGIC !!!

    4last year
  14. vao di em

    2last year
  15. Jessie`s herrliches Arschloch ist eine Delikatesse für jeden Gourmet schwanzfreudiger Analerotik.

    52 years ago
  16. cant get a girl

    22 years ago
  17. She use to be the girl next door with the fat ass..
    now she puts on make up, crappy boob job and is just nasty..

    no thanks.

    32 years ago
  18. Geiler arsch !

    22 years ago
  19. i like ass can anyone help me??

    02 years ago
  20. karin krejt ta kisha shtie ne byth

    12 years ago
  21. perfect ass, awful boob job, shame.

    42 years ago
  22. the douchebag fucking her should be shot, 39 minutes before he starts fucking this hot piece of ass. idiot

    12 years ago
  23. open back side hole

    12 years ago
  24. does this guy look sorta like Rocky Dennis?

    12 years ago
  25. I love Jessie Rogers not only because she got that fat Brazilian ass but also because she is a slut that travels every month to Dubai to do VIP whoring at the billionaire Sheikhs private fuck parties. They drug the shit out of the western pornstars and do whatever fuck they imagine with them whores. She probably packed a camel in the big ass already, damn slut.

    02 years ago
  26. lasvegasdude replied

    where did you hear about this?

    02 years ago
  27. Anonymous replied

    this is just obviously not true

    02 years ago
  28. wow

    02 years ago
  29. jessie who

    22 years ago
  30. Love to shoot a hot creamy load deep in her sweet ass

    12 years ago
  31. ur ass

    02 years ago
  32. whats the name of the girl?

    02 years ago
  33. Anonymous replied

    your mom

    82 years ago
  34. With the number of pornstars with implants you'd think someone would have directed her to a better surgeon. Since she's Brazilian maybe her doctor was only used to doing implants on shemales.

    22 years ago
  35. 16:39

    12 years ago
  36. i love bottoms like these...

    12 years ago
  37. ass

    02 years ago
  38. gaper

    02 years ago
  39. She just might have the best ass I have EVER seen on anyone -- porn star or not... Move over Rachel Starr there is a new sheriff in town. Her body is a work of art. I need more of her

    32 years ago
  40. wait this is Shawna Lee

    02 years ago
  41. Anonymous replied

    no, estupid, she is not

    02 years ago
  42. Actual sex starts @ 37:45

    162 years ago
  43. Anonymous replied

    topless at 16:55

    32 years ago
  44. LOL she totally farts at 37:32

    42 years ago
  45. Anonymous replied

    and I would totally still eat her butt immediately afterward

    22 years ago
  46. facesit_me replied

    She could fart on my face any day

    22 years ago
  47. Jessie rogers

    22 years ago
  48. BS, the new tits are great... who wants some flatchested little boy for a woman?

    22 years ago
  49. Anonymous replied

    her natural little tits were superb. and no on was ever mistaking her for a boy.

    111 months ago
  50. she is truly amazing, even with the whack rack job. she has such an amazing ass, and her anus -- so clean and tight even with that cute little natural gape -- is such a tongue magnet.

    12 years ago
  51. even by Adriano standards sticking your nose, tongue -- or anything else --between the cheeks of Ms. Rogers surely has to qualify as a grail type moment

    22 years ago
  52. she is so hot but looked better before the implants

    112 years ago

    43 years ago
  54. hate the new boobs..

    83 years ago
  55. Anonymous replied

    ungreatful little bitch

    13 years ago
  56. Anonymous replied


    53 years ago