1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    i like her more when her breast was small....

    275 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    nice grammar dude

    54 years ago
  3. ghoulsbyscrogginsBEST COMMENT

    everyone complaining about her boobs would still fuck her in a heartbeat and thats the funny part

    55 years ago
  4. nigga ruined it

    04 years ago
  5. boobies

    04 years ago
  6. that ASS!!!!

    04 years ago
  7. I fap because she went to Dubai to do escorting for the Sheikhs and royals, like Lela Star, Priya Ray and Carmella Bing. They say the sheikhs got no respect for western pornstars and they drug the shit out of them and do all kinds of crazy kinky things we can only imagine. I think of Jessie taking it rough, three dicks in her ass at same time, and I cum buckets.

    34 years ago
  8. what happend to white girls waiting a couple years before they started fucking niggers?

    04 years ago
  9. Those tits are awful.

    14 years ago
  10. Horrible breasts now...why do they do it, I'll only watch the odd older video of her now. Loads of women do it, such a shame...

    04 years ago
  11. I like the part where Jessie is upside down getting face-fucked by that BBC.

    04 years ago
  12. Umierają z powodu pręta ssania

    04 years ago
  13. heartbeat and thats the funny part

    04 years ago
  14. Yes, that was FUCKING AMAZING.

    04 years ago
  15. Wait isn't she Brazilian? How come she speaks American english really well?

    24 years ago
  16. Anonymous replied

    She was born in Brazil, but she was raised in Florida (plenty of Brazilian Illegal Aliens there). She was even gangbanged by three guys from her High School, when she was passed out of too much booze and marijuana. One of the guys is a friend of mine. She even spoke about it in one of her interviews. She can speak good English but her writing sucks.

    44 years ago
  17. my god her tits are shit!

    04 years ago
  18. i think shes my new favorite

    05 years ago
  19. these nigga look dumb

    15 years ago
  20. Terrible pity, these boobs are awfull, she was so nice with natural small ones ! :-((((

    25 years ago
  21. I usually don't notice the men but...

    ...Thats a dopey looking group of guys.

    15 years ago
  22. why did she have to get fake boobs? i liked her better when they were smaller.

    35 years ago
  23. Anonymous replied

    me too

    05 years ago
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