why you like jersey jaxin

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      so fuckin' cute

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      she swallows

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    4. 1


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      deep german

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      <font><font class="">tak kurva roztomil├Ż<

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    1. tlanders1971BEST COMMENT

      Jersey Jaxin is one of my favorite pornstars. Not on any legitimate grounds, she's a bad actress, and I mean, I'd do it, but she's still trashy as fuck. But, she stands out, because she takes all this dick ^ and the money thereafter and has the kind of hypocritical gall to criticize the porn industry as being objectifying to women and it's like, what the fuck. You're getting payed to be an object, it's what you signed up for. Maybe April O'Neil could have that kind of realization, being probably one of the smarter pornstars in the game (pretty tough contest to win). But Jersey Jaxin? Nice try.

      16 years ago