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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    she perfectly reflects the stupidity of usa's population.

    3011 months ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    you reflect my sex life. porn.

    310 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    yet you jerk off to her

    45 months ago
  4. Anonymous replied

    says the guy commenting on a porn web site.

    04 months ago
  5. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    aaaand her facebook: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/eachawk

    44 months ago
  6. Anonymous replied

    aaand the rest of their names... http://nationalconfidential.com/2012/10/pornstars-real-names-revealed/

    24 weeks ago
  7. Elizabeth Hawkenson the model:

    1last month
  8. i know this girl IRL and took a picture of the facial shot and texted it to her. she told me it was photoshopped and i responded nope i just saw someone nut all over you. haven't talked to her since then................

    12 months ago
  9. Anonymous replied

    what an asshole

    12 weeks ago
  10. omg, i'm actually applying to asu, need to find her

    02 months ago
  11. elizabeth hawkins dumb whore

    02 months ago
  12. beter

    25 months ago
  13. She has a kid with some beta male now LOL

    37 months ago
  14. i like how shes just sitting there talking with cum all over her face

    39 months ago
  15. girl looks totally like the french pornstar "leeloo"

    09 months ago
  16. her name is now Courtney Simpson.

    19 months ago
  17. Anonymous replied

    wait nevermind im wrong. however we do see this girl showing us her "ASU" id

    09 months ago
  18. Gotta love Arizona State for producing hotties

    19 months ago
  19. She really deserved that cumshot on her pretty face!

    09 months ago
  20. that's part of the deal... What if cutting her wrist was part of the deal, i'm sure she would do it xD

    010 months ago
  21. fake or not lets do a casting DP on this bitch!

    511 months ago
  22. Even though it's all scripted she really does look fresh and truly inexperienced, and a little bit genuinely nervous. And a fabulously perfect goddess.

    1last year
  23. gotta say even for staged porn this shit is fucked up :s

    1last year
  24. whats her name

    1last year
  25. The federal govt should investigate this

    0last year
  26. Anonymous replied

    You know you're right, you might really be on to something!...it's staged, check out their website.

    08 months ago
  27. This is all rehearsed. Every single girl I've seen on BackroomCastingCouch.com is a porn star. So even if he claims he's not a real agent and they aren't getting jobs, it is all made up shit.

    6last year
  28. Anonymous replied

    hurr durr

    111 months ago
  29. this is staged like bangbus and he now has herpes.

    3last year
  30. i feel really sad for her...can't believe her boyfriend let her do this.

    2last year
  31. ok what im gonna do is masturbate, and cum on your face.
    uh ok....
    and if your mouth
    -makes awkward face-
    thats part of the deal..

    0last year
  32. whos the the chick in the dp digital playground video

    0last year
  33. Anonymous replied

    alexis raven

    210 months ago
  34. She is a really nice girl. Super sweet.

    1last year
  35. He lied to her. Poor thing, this is probably wrecking her life. Someone stop this evil creep.

    7last year
  36. Anonymous replied

    Since she was trying to cast for porn, I think the outcome of it all is pretty much the same? Except she didn't get paid for this one I guess.

    7last year
  37. Anonymous replied

    You really believe this is not fake?

    4last year
  38. Anonymous replied

    and you here, masturbating at it!

    0last year
  39. Anonymous replied

    The bit about it being a casting call is fake. The girl knew why she was there.

    011 months ago
  40. Anonymous replied

    Retards like you need to off themselves and clean up the gene pool. How can you sincerely be this stupid?

    04 weeks ago
  41. Elizabeth Hawkenson

    2last year
  42. https://www.facebook.com/eachawk this is her

    6last year
  43. Whats the girls name?

    0last year
  44. here because im a great person
    Full Vid!

    5last year
  45. full video?

    0last year
  46. rape that cunt

    0last year
  47. It's kinda tough 'cause I know this girl, and she's really sweet and bright, but she absolutely regrets making this movie. But ... she's fucking cute as hell, and I like watching her.

    32 years ago
  48. Anonymous replied

    Obviously she's not that bright

    07 months ago
  49. She's cute. Haha.

    02 years ago
  50. metin

    12 years ago
  51. "im ambidextrous but mostly right handed". shut up and suck cock bitch

    172 years ago
  52. hihellohi replied

    period goes inside the quotes you misogynistic piece of shit

    41last year
  53. I fucking love this video

    02 years ago
  54. Ohhh she is nice! Remind me a bit of Maria Sharapova!

    02 years ago
  55. What a beautiful girl.

    02 years ago
  56. porns not for you finish your degree

    42 years ago
  57. Anonymous replied

    Once you get your degree in Geological Science, everything will be smoooooth sailing

    42 years ago