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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    when obama fucked her mouth

    142 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    you're a failure at life.

    9last year
  3. Anonymous replied


    0last year
  4. Anonymous replied

    Holy fuck it is obama!!! Er wait, nevermind all you niggers look the same to me.

    1last year
  5. sebation13901BEST COMMENT

    Best ass ever

    0last year
  6. this girl can work a dick she is the new naomi russell

    62 years ago
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    52 years ago
  8. Anonymous replied

    Cool story bro.

    132 years ago
  9. Anonymous replied

    needs more dragons and shit

    29last year
  10. Anonymous replied

    Fantasizing neckbeard.

    0last year
  11. Mandingo is the fucking man!

    12 years ago
  12. Anonymous replied

    the fucking nigger* asshole.

    4last year
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    42 years ago
  14. Anonymous replied

    Obviously a black retard posting this.

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