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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    I love it when the fat guys fuck her cause that seems a lot more degrading

    1210 months ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    translation into german?

    110 months ago
  3. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    did she have milk in her boobs?

    02 months ago
  4. Why the fuck is this censored

    06 months ago
  5. Anonymous replied

    Because of Japanese law involving porn. It has to be censored or it will not be allowed to be published.

    04 months ago
  6. So much cum inside her. She's so hot.

    07 months ago
  7. I know, it's sick to want more and more dicks stuffed into to her. An Army of men, cumming into her pussy (and coming out.)

    07 months ago
  8. looks like she's overloading on endorphins lol.

    07 months ago
  9. yr

    09 months ago
  10. First time I watched this I was overcome with guilt. Now I'm just like "hurry up and shove another dick in there already"

    310 months ago
  11. I love watching her pussy get filled up with cum from all those men.

    110 months ago
  12. Shamefur dispray.

    8last year
  13. hot

    0last year
  14. stupidity women is not a sex machine.........

    1last year
  15. Anonymous replied

    klar, zu was anderem sind Weiber nicht zu gebrauchen.

    1last year
  16. she going for a world record here! LOL!

    1last year
  17. when her "censored" pussy belches all that man-chowder out of her...

    2last year
  18. thecum

    2last year
  19. The whole film! That girl is everymen's dream!

    12 years ago
  20. Round and round it goes. Where will it stop? In her pussy. Everyone knows.

    52 years ago
  21. Lucky girl...

    02 years ago
  22. fuck shes a used up cum dumpster so hot

    12 years ago
  23. this is so fucking hot

    12 years ago
  24. I love this idea! I like imagining this is some weird fertility cult, where none of the women are allowed to be on birth control, and any woman can be pulled into a room like this once the cult's doctor announces she's in heat. You can tell she doesn't want to be impregnated, but maybe they drug her or maybe she's so indoctrinated in the cult's culture that she doesn't dare refuse. And to her own shame, she finds herself enjoying some of it, the feeling of warm, thick seed slipping down closer and closer to her womb, while her uncontrollable orgasms cause her cervix to expand and press down, sucking up the thick seed into her womb. Maybe there are different teams of men for each of the women based on their cycles, and they compete to father the most children possible in the cult. And then the next generation is brought up the same way, to submit to sex and fertility, no matter your own desires or complaints. So incredibly hot, kmowing about Japan's low birthrate and thinking she may have been forced into this for the good of their country, and they filmed it to convince other men and women to want to do the same.

    222 years ago
  25. Anonymous replied

    if it's a babymaking competition then the age of consent in Japan is only 13. So start impregnating those teen sluts and fill their wombs with our life giving seed. So technically you could inseminate a girl 8 times between the ages of 13 and 18 assuming the pregnancy lasts exactly 9 months. just sayin is all......and teenage girls are bound to be much more fertile than older woman so you have a much better chance of getting them pregnant.

    22 years ago
  26. Anonymous replied

    Some of the semen actually bonds together in a lattice around the womb and fights/kills semen from other donors in an attempt to raise the chances of its own genetic makeup to be passed on. So really, by having more and more guys cum in her, you aren't increasing the chances at all.

    011 months ago
  27. Anonymous replied

    you are clearly a rapist in the making, if not one already

    14 months ago
  28. she has that "I'm being repeatedly raped..." look going on and now my mind is overwhelmed with guilt.

    162 years ago
  29. guinness world record of sex! :D

    92 years ago