why you like helen duval

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      love her look

    2. 3

      just beautiful milf

    3. 1

      she really knows her buisiness

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    1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      Yes, she is the most elagant pornstar. Classy lady craving for anal and dp.
      And all real, watch her orgasms!

      44 years ago
    2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      Hottest pornstar. Wanted anal, dp always. When the cameras were away; same thing. Her ass and pussy were always open for male pornstars wanted to bang after the filmcut. But many others around the set enjoyed her nymphomania.

      34 years ago
    3. Anonymous replied

      Funny you know. I've been on the set with Helen Duval. She was the Pornstar who loved it most. Hotel evenings after a shooting never were dull with her. If she missed an orgasm on the filmset, sure she would have several after.

      13 years ago
    4. Does anyone know which film this scene is from ?

      via fapdu for android

      03 years ago
    5. Anal dp

      44 years ago
    6. Helen Duval

      45 years ago
    7. She is the most elegant hardcore star. Please more tubes.

      27 years ago