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    This guy not only has the Heather Brooke.. but Melanie too. You are the man...Luck One at that..

    36 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    Heather is an artist, and a very understanding wife. What a genius to make a fortune sucking her husband's cock, and teaching her friends how to do it with her? A whole new meaning for "stand by your man"...

    36 years ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    ten years latter still nobody has been luckier than him

    56 years ago
  4. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Has this girl done any other films? Has she got a last name? Damn!!!!

    25 years ago
  5. she's so beautiful and she loves his big cock and loves swallowing his cum. he cums harder for her than for his wife. it's so hot that she sucks his cock and swallows his cum when his wife isn't there. I wish he could've fucked her without a condom.

    05 years ago
  6. slutaz

    05 years ago
  7. where she licks the underside of the cock

    05 years ago
  8. ?

    06 years ago
  9. She swallows perfect twice! What a fine slag!

    06 years ago
  10. Anonymous replied

    Ever see her take the first shot on her tongue then go all the way down while he pumps a load down her throat? She doesn't even blink, and licks his balls with her stud while she gulps it down, and then smiles for the camera...

    26 years ago
  11. all of it

    07 years ago

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