why you like gianna michaels

  1. 1.7k


  2. 1.1k

    shes a freak

  3. 722

    i wanna drop thick loads of cum on her face n tits

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    she fucks you

  5. 531

    huge tits

  6. 410

    large natural hooters

  7. 372

    tasty ass

  8. 342

    dirty talk

  9. 320

    sucks dick

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    she is gross

  11. 281

    i love jacking off 2 her humungous real hooters

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    the big ass

  13. 275


  14. 238

    she's fugly

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    sucks bigg fucking dicks

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    i picture cumming all over her body

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    oil overload

  20. 162

    she's tall

  21. 140

    vainy tits

  22. 135

    im sexy

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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Hot as fuck but doesn't do enough anal for my liking. Can fuck like no other though.

    24 months ago
  2. xChristophSxBEST COMMENT

    i love analsex

    05 months ago
  3. Might not be the best looking whore in the business, but she makes up for it with the way she fucks...Plus dat ass, and dem huge natural titz

    010 months ago
  4. She really knows how to handle a cock, rough,playful,controlling,handjob,titjob,blowjob,nasty,cum swallowing freek

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    1last year
  5. Anonymous replied


    04 months ago
  6. her big ass and hairy pussy

    3last year
  7. i need boobs

    02 years ago
  8. hey

    02 years ago
  9. saggy old ho-bag

    12 years ago
  10. gianna vs mamb
    a black cock

    12 years ago
  11. is shawn michaels related t0 her

    12 years ago
  12. Anonymous replied


    via fapdu for iphone

    22 years ago
  13. Anonymous replied


    via fapdu for iphone

    12 years ago
  14. Anonymous replied


    0last year
  15. Anonymous replied

    No, you idiot, Michaels real name is Michael Hickenbottom. Gianna's real name isn't even Gianna, and Michaels isn't her last name either.

    14 months ago

    52 years ago
  17. I hve to cum inside your pussy...do you want creampie?

    via fapdu for android

    42 years ago
  18. Evil angel, that's my other ex.

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    03 years ago
  19. She's the one responsible, your not that slick, or smart. I'm the scorpion king, looking for you.

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    23 years ago
  20. I'd slide my cock between her giant tits and blow my load so hard, if she didn't move her head, I might blow it off my accident.

    23 years ago
  21. What is your favorite video of hers?

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    03 years ago
  22. Anonymous replied

    the one where she has sex

    02 years ago
  23. All of them

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    13 years ago
  24. With her, I'd blow my load so hard it'd be like a howitzer of cum went off.

    43 years ago
  25. She's got a Scorpion death skull under her face!

    23 years ago
  26. 10/10

    03 years ago
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