Gabriella Fox was born into porn in the mecca of Los Angeles, CA, February 24, 1989. She is a young and fresh face, tits, pussy lips, pump rump, etc. to the adult entertainment industry. She has the look to play the teen/college babe, as well as the young professional, making her an addicting choice amongst viewers.

    Her Latin heritage gives her glorious shiny black hair and soft brown eyes, with a set of lovely 30D tits. Remember she has enormous cans when she's only 5'1" and 90 pounds!!! Holy shit! This girl would be a fun ride, and she most certainly has the capability to use you as her very own stripper pole. She even adds a little flavor with a piercing of the navel, which she loves to have played with before she gets a tongue twisted up in her poon room.

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      tight & busty little package of fuckability

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      needs more videos

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      so hot

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      what happened to her ;(

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      petite frame and tight round ass. like a fuck toy

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    1. Slavemaker69BEST COMMENT

      More vids please

      36 years ago
    2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

      bitch is an orgasm machine, why did she quit, i need to see more of her shaking those round tits and sucking off cocks

      05 years ago
    3. She quit porn after one year because she was unhappy with her decision and didn't want to dissappoint her family anymore because she loves them and is a daddys girl. She comes from a wealthy family with her dad being a jew and her mother is latin. She loves to ride horses and owns a beautiful brown stallion. She lives in west hills california, went to west hills college is a hairstylist and recently got a sleeve tattoo of roses etc. on her left arm.

      05 years ago
    4. my favourite porn star, a shame theres not many videos of her.

      06 years ago
    5. want my dick in her pussy and i would fuck her till she satisfies

      07 years ago
    6. not even 2 yrs older than me....whats good gabriella lol

      17 years ago
    7. So fucking hot!

      07 years ago
    8. omgg shes amazingly hot. and her tits are huge. i would love to rub my head in them

      07 years ago
    9. Hottest woman on the planet.

      08 years ago
    10. Anonymous replied

      want more videos

      16 years ago