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  1. douchylarueBEST COMMENT

    Never Sleep Alone (1984)

    Anna Ventura
    Tigr (as Chelsea Mancester)
    Lenora Bruce (as Eleoner Liquore) [LezOnly]
    Honey Wilder [Facial]
    Joanna Storm
    Sharon Kane
    Sharon Mitchell [BJOnly]
    Tina Marie (as Victoria Jackson) [Facial]
    NonSex Performers
    Velvet Summers (as Velvet Sommer)
    Wendy Stuart

    Scene 1. Tina Marie, John Leslie
    Scene 2. Anna Ventura, George Payne
    Scene 3. Honey Wilder, Jerome Carter, Michael Knight
    Scene 4. Tigr, Ron Jeremy
    Scene 5. Anna Ventura, Lenora Bruce, Joey Silvera
    Scene 6. Sharon Mitchell, Alan Adrian
    Scene 7. Tina Marie, George Payne
    Scene 8. Joanna Storm, John Leslie
    Scene 9. Joanna Storm
    Scene 10. Tina Marie, Joey Silvera
    Scene 11. Tigr, Honey Wilder, Sharon Kane, John Leslie
    Scene 12. Joanna Storm, Joey Silvera

    15 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    After 75:45 , the video becomes excellent with Chelsea Manchester shining as a legendary star.

    04 years ago