What is FuckTeamFive? Simple. They take really, really hot girls who know how to fuck better than any others in the world. They go out into the streets and find real-deal average joes. Then they put these two groups together. You know what happens? These average joes get the shit fucked out of them like they never have before in their lives...and probably never will again. If you like to see real-deal stuff, I mean the stuff you couldn't make up and have to see to believe, then read on.

    why you like fuck team five

    1. 529

      regular guys with pornstars

    2. 73

      hot hot hot

    3. 47

      swallow it ya sluts

    4. 40


    5. 32


    6. 31

      why not

    7. 29

      real hot

    8. 26

      there are five of them

    9. 25


    10. 22


    11. 21

      theres never 5 of them

    12. 19


    13. 16

      i like wanking my dick off

    14. 11


    15. 9

      i don't

    16. 8

      regular guy smashes porn star

    17. 7

      at least there's 4 of them

    18. 6

      they should call it fake tit 5

    19. 4

      totally real in that fake, staged way

    20. 3


    21. 2

      they are the super heroes of cum stains

    22. 2


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    3. You know,Seal Team 6.The ones that got Sadaam. Wouldn't a better name for those bad ass motherfuckers be,Fuck Team 5

      0last year
    4. I was going to call ,"Fuck Team Five",but all I could afford was ,"Fuck Team 2 and a half".

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    5. Tell us more about this channel.

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      02 years ago
    6. god knows i want some....

      02 years ago
    7. hot

      03 years ago
    8. I love it

      14 years ago