• I'm looking for the lady 's name.

    http://kepfeltoltes.hu/view/150821/1003582815N_vtelen_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg Hi there. The lady in the picture , I would like to know the name to find the movies that involves . Thank you very much.
  • For the jays

    so the blue jays played today so that means dad had all his friends over, and as a good hostess I had to dress the part. So to start its a tiny blue and black gsting a very short skirt like 2-3 inches with about 2-3 inches on see thur black trim a blue and black sting bikini top my hair in pigtails
  • Teddy Bear

    So my friend jokingly got me one of those teddy bears with the little moving tongue. I kept it in my sock drawer for the longest time, unable to do anything but laugh at it. Then, on the tail end of a loooooooong dry spell, I get desperate/curious/horny enough to give it a go. The sensation of squeazing it between my thighs actually made for an amazing orgasm! So now it rests with me in my bed and I use it whenever my BF is too drunk or neglects to make me come. It seems perfectly innocent sitting out in the open and I can always tell my deviant friends from the straight laced ones because they'll smirk when they recognize what my teddy is really for :)
  • Cure for that post fap guilt

    So I've been doing this for about a month and it's felt so easy that I wanted to share. I used to feel pretty shitty after masturbating, not guilty or anything just kind of generically less happy than my median emotional state. On a whim I started exercising after every jerk off session and suddenly that anxiety was completely lifted. Like it doesn't exist at all. Feels pretty great and I reccommend it to anyone who reads this.
  • Chocolate sauce in my vagina

    Settle a bet that me and my SO have. We're both huge chocolate lovers. He wants to bridge this affection into our foreplay and use the over the counter chocolate fudge that you would normally use for ice cream (which, taste wise, I have no problem with) but I'm worried that the stuff might give me a yeast infection or something equally icky. I'm fine with the idea but convinced that when the people at Nestle were making it's syrupy goodness that they didn't bother testing to see if it was safe for all orifices, you know what I mean? Can anyone here weigh in with suggestions for alternatives that don't pose this risk?
  • Pies...

    Despite what you might think, sticking your dick in a pie does not feel good.
  • steamy fun

    Any lady up fr huge blk cock around jhb inbox me
  • DIY Sybian? Is it possible?

    Curious whether anyone knows of a good way to make a homemade sybian. I’ve tried just sitting on my vibrator but it just doesn’t have the kick to make me climax. And I don't have the cash to splurge on the real deal. Suggestions?
  • What lines do you use?

    About a year and change ago I was going through a phase where all that I could think about were feet. You may know how it is. You have a one-night stand who introduces you to something you’ve never had before that surprisingly drives you nuts – then they disappear and you’re left with this hankering for that particular specialty. For me it was foot jobs. But I was too shy to come out and tell the new girls I was with that this was what got me going so my only real release was through watching lots of foot porn and reliving that memory of the talented one night stand. There's no lesson here, but does anyone have any good lines they know for easing one nighters into fetish stuff?
  • the daily wardrobe

    I'll describe my out fit that im wearing at time im on so tonights is a hot red thong with black trim lil white gym shorts, a white whife beater cut even smaller just under my tits no bra. My nice smooth pussy is very wet so are my fingers and panties. It's almost bed time so my hair is down and my toys are close