• Edging

    I thought I knew a lot about sex but had recently been introduced to edging. It made me feel so naive and I wish I'd known about this sooner lol. I guess better late than never :) x
  • Dildo drill

    Anyone have experience building and or using one of these? I'm curious but also not sold on the idea of a rotating cock in my cooch.
  • Late bloomer

    I grew up in a very conservative and religious household and I didn't think to masturbate until I was 22 y.o. (I know! …such a waste of my youth) The funny thing is that what finally triggered my sexuality was one of the sex scenes in the first season of GoT (I'm too embarassed to admit which one)
  • Tiger Balm

    By far the worst, most excrutiating experience of my life was when I was a teenager and thought it would be a good idea to use this sore muscle salve as a form of lube. The smell in combination with the stinging pain had me rolling on the floor in tears for what felt like hours. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.
  • Ghostfucking

    I have a special kind of sleep paralisys that sometimes feel like a phantom or ghost is fucking me. No joke. It started when I was in college and happens a couple of times a year, usually during times when I'm stressed. I think that it's my bodies way of forcing an orgasm out of me when I neglect to play with myself.
  • step daughter.

    i hope to keep updating this dairy....it concerns my step daughter....nnn..ok. as she was young...she had a very bad habitm of cuming into me and sitting on my lap....it was difficult...very to just let her play along....tht was until she realised what she could do. i had to throw her sometimes down just to stop her starting to feel my hard on underneath her pussy lips. i must also say that nudism was not any secret between us at home, but it does not mean we went around always nue. if i came out of the shower or what ever, or her mum and so on...then ok. often i saw her in the bathor under the shower and so on. at the back of the house it was no problem doing nude sun bathing...but on more occasions she caught me often sun bathung nude or in the bedroom washing ect...standing there nude....my cock hanging down...as she was talking to me i could follow her view, her eyses looking down at my hanger.the 1st occasion where she got me without knowing was under the shower. i had just shaved around my balls....i ha a hard on,not hearing cuming in, i opened my eyes and there she was.just about 2 to 3 feet froom me.my cock was hard..i mean hard this was from the jet of the water hittinmy cock head.oh shit she was memorised.......i though in seconds of turning around.then though to fuck...she gonna learn one day what she does to men....i kept on rubbing my balls while talöking. my cock head statred swelling more and....more....she kept looking...the fuck we heard a car on the driveway....we had to stop of coarse. it was her best scholl friend, jessy, from the village, she was about 18 months older thanout sd...but very...ver ysexy..i can tell you. about 20 mins later icame into the living room,they were sitting there, wishpering......i think iknew what was going on. ok going o skip a wee bit. jessy was living on a local farm, later much later this is where our sd had her 1st real experiance with afarm helper, he was in his mid 45-50, jessy had already been fucked often by his mate. but more to this later ok. we moved down to bavaria, roughly 2 hours east of munich, in a village of ab..her best schol mate was called vanesea..this teen girl was only..???:::years old and was gonny be a typicallbbw, at her age with a bh cup of roughly 34F!! how do i know, because iday, on holday they were sunbathing in the garded, in our sd bedroom, where our pc was, lying on the bed lay her bras......i had to look...u would to or? through the window i could see them both and this is when i statred rubbing my cock in her cups of the bra....without realising it, there were spunk marks being left, i could see from the window both of them sunning, rubing tanning gream into eachother in turn...my mistake i didnot close the curtains after i finished shooting my spunk....this is something my sd told me about much, much later...they knew i was at the window. on the nexxt occasion, because the pc was in her room, i was gonny be going up north for my travel company..i love nudism..fkk..so i check iout the internet,the telefon went and without thinking i left the pc runnig, only for our sd to cum later in her room and watch what i had checked out...this she told me about....the 3 time is when againin her room, i didnt hear her cuming , standing behind, very,very quite, watching........i had a webcam vido runnig a i was holding my cock in1 hand...slowly wanking off...then i felt her hands on my shoulders...mum...daddy...what are u playiong at here.........tbc!
  • Doing the helicopter

    Try it. It's fun. If you haven't swung your penis around like a propeller then it's fair to say you haven't lived.
  • I like college guys

    My kids are in college and I go to many events. I masturbate daily wanting a 20 yo with a large dick to do me. I am almost 50 now. Am I bad?
  • listening to daddy fucking his gf

    She spending the week here because he ex has there son and i guess this is her way of cock blocking me. but daddy and i have are ways, anyways i can hear them fucking and its making me so WET!!!
  • Masturbating on the balcony

    not in like a full blown exhibitionist sort of way. I just enjoy putting my hands down my pants and touching myself while outside in the sun. A few of my neighbours in the building across from me have probably noticed by now because I've been doing it regularly since the beginning of summer. I'll probably have to stop when it gets too cold. Or maybe I'll just sit out there in my parka instead...