think before you go to the glory hole with your wife

my wife and i talked about this for awhile and the big night came she dressed in a black leather coat high heels and pushup bra and i dress in my panties and bra went to the porn shop witch has a big theater and a arcade we strated in the theater and watch a few couples suck off a bunch of guys she said she wanted to play like that i said sure she sucked 5 guy and they -came all over her tits i asked if i could lick it off that was fun i said my turn so we went to the arcade to the glory hole and said my turn we set up at this one that had a huge hole big enough to stick you as hole in the next room so i said to her to stick your as in there a big black cock slide inher and she came all over it i then did the same and she sucked my dick she wanted to go home but i didn't get to suck any cock so i said to her that she got to play but not me so she said that maybe i should stay here and be a little fag and that was the wrong thing to say so i did and she went back to the motel room i came back later and she said we need to get a divorce shit talk this shit though before you go swinging all i can think is her sucking those guys off it turns me on and on


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