Taboo Fap

Society may shape us to be similar, but there will always be those desires that waver on the fringe of morality. Here’s a place where you can express your curiosity or share stories that cum from somewhere on the other side of that line in the sand.

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  • need help

    Can someone please help me get off
  • There's Just Something So Amazing..

    There's just something so amazing about going down on a woman. Her tight, wet pussy...freshly shaved or smooth and wet... and not just playing with her clit and sliding your tongue inside her. I'm always hoping she's comfortable enough to let me lick her ass as well... so wet and slippery... Which usually leads to sliding a few fingers in her ass...while I'm sucking on her clit... Never fails to end in a mindfuckingly explosive orgasm for least in my experience. Oh the fun things we can do when we fight the right partners to play with...don't you think?
  • Daddy Kink

    As much as i get off to porn i'd rather have a daddy fucking me
  • Ghostfucking

    I have a special kind of sleep paralisys that sometimes feel like a phantom or ghost is fucking me. No joke. It started when I was in college and happens a couple of times a year, usually during times when I'm stressed. I think that it's my bodies way of forcing an orgasm out of me when I neglect to play with myself.
  • I like college guys

    My kids are in college and I go to many events. I masturbate daily wanting a 20 yo with a large dick to do me. I am almost 50 now. Am I bad?
  • listening to daddy fucking his gf

    She spending the week here because he ex has there son and i guess this is her way of cock blocking me. but daddy and i have are ways, anyways i can hear them fucking and its making me so WET!!!
  • Masturbating on the balcony

    not in like a full blown exhibitionist sort of way. I just enjoy putting my hands down my pants and touching myself while outside in the sun. A few of my neighbours in the building across from me have probably noticed by now because I've been doing it regularly since the beginning of summer. I'll probably have to stop when it gets too cold. Or maybe I'll just sit out there in my parka instead...
  • I'm looking for the lady 's name. Hi there. The lady in the picture , I would like to know the name to find the movies that involves . Thank you very much.
  • For the jays

    so the blue jays played today so that means dad had all his friends over, and as a good hostess I had to dress the part. So to start its a tiny blue and black gsting a very short skirt like 2-3 inches with about 2-3 inches on see thur black trim a blue and black sting bikini top my hair in pigtails