Last Fap

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, and you were doomed to spend the night alone, then what would your last inner fantasy be? Share the details of that last and most glorious fap of your life.

  • Fuck Harder
  • Backdoor sluts 9

    I would commission the creation of Backdoor Sluts 9 and abstain until the movie was complete and bust my engorged nut to that imaginary masterpiece.

  • Skydiving Fap

    If your parachute doesn't open, you might as well take the opportunity to get in one last fap. The question is: do you point towards the ground and risk giving yourself a facial or do you shoot towards the sky and risk getting a cumshot on your mangled carcass? I supose the beat would be to shoot your load sideways and race it to the ground.
  • Is Jilling myself to death an option?

    I don’t know what I would fap to, but I would aspire to fap so hard in order to give myself a heart attack and essentially die from that as opposed to whatever the alternative was in this hypothetical scenario.

  • Um... no?

    I honestly doubt that I could even get it up if I knew I was about to die. Kind of kills the mood. It’s like masturbating at a family members funeral. The two just don’t go together. ...least not for me. You guys are weird.