Fapdu’s & Don'ts

Like everything else in life, fapping gets better with practice. Some of us are blessed with a LOT of practice. So here’s the place where you can share some masturbation tricks to try or experiments to avoid.

  • guess my panties

    I'm wearing one of panties from my pic. So right now im wearing loss black sweats, a black zip up hoodie nothing under it, now if you can guess what panties i have on I do some thing spacial for you post links below
  • think before you go to the glory hole with your wife

    my wife and i talked about this for awhile and the big night came she dressed in a black leather coat high heels and pushup bra and i dress in my panties and bra went to the porn shop witch has a big theater and a arcade we strated in the theater and watch a few couples suck off a bunch of guys she said she wanted to play like that i said sure she sucked 5 guy and they -came all over her tits i asked if i could lick it off that was fun i said my turn so we went to the arcade to the glory hole and said my turn we set up at this one that had a huge hole big enough to stick you as hole in the next room so i said to her to stick your as in there a big black cock slide inher and she came all over it i then did the same and she sucked my dick she wanted to go home but i didn't get to suck any cock so i said to her that she got to play but not me so she said that maybe i should stay here and be a little fag and that was the wrong thing to say so i did and she went back to the motel room i came back later and she said we need to get a divorce shit talk this shit though before you go swinging all i can think is her sucking those guys off it turns me on and on
  • Tiger Balm

    By far the worst, most excrutiating experience of my life was when I was a teenager and thought it would be a good idea to use this sore muscle salve as a form of lube. The smell in combination with the stinging pain had me rolling on the floor in tears for what felt like hours. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.
  • Doing the helicopter

    Try it. It's fun. If you haven't swung your penis around like a propeller then it's fair to say you haven't lived.
  • Cure for that post fap guilt

    So I've been doing this for about a month and it's felt so easy that I wanted to share. I used to feel pretty shitty after masturbating, not guilty or anything just kind of generically less happy than my median emotional state. On a whim I started exercising after every jerk off session and suddenly that anxiety was completely lifted. Like it doesn't exist at all. Feels pretty great and I reccommend it to anyone who reads this.
  • Pies...

    Despite what you might think, sticking your dick in a pie does not feel good.
  • What lines do you use?

    About a year and change ago I was going through a phase where all that I could think about were feet. You may know how it is. You have a one-night stand who introduces you to something you’ve never had before that surprisingly drives you nuts – then they disappear and you’re left with this hankering for that particular specialty. For me it was foot jobs. But I was too shy to come out and tell the new girls I was with that this was what got me going so my only real release was through watching lots of foot porn and reliving that memory of the talented one night stand. There's no lesson here, but does anyone have any good lines they know for easing one nighters into fetish stuff?
  • Pussy hair?

    As a bi girl i have to say i find pussy hair to be so gross. I myself have been shaving mine as far back as I can remember, now im not saying if you have a cute landing strip and keep it trimmed. I mean fur panties, come on boys and girls let me know what you think
  • a few years ago

    when i was 18 and still living with my dad. I had a boyfriend that always shot big creamy loads like that. well one day my bf and I were in my room bein sneaky and when he was close to done, I finished him off with my mouth, dad called me like right after so my fixed my skirt left my panties behind and went to see what he wanted not knowing I had cum on my shirt my skirt my hair