Fap Food

Sometimes food can fill more than just your conventional appetite. This is a place where you can express your experience or desire to fuck that pie, or banana, or pop tart. No judgment here.

  • Chocolate sauce in my vagina

    Settle a bet that me and my SO have. We're both huge chocolate lovers. He wants to bridge this affection into our foreplay and use the over the counter chocolate fudge that you would normally use for ice cream (which, taste wise, I have no problem with) but I'm worried that the stuff might give me a yeast infection or something equally icky. I'm fine with the idea but convinced that when the people at Nestle were making it's syrupy goodness that they didn't bother testing to see if it was safe for all orifices, you know what I mean? Can anyone here weigh in with suggestions for alternatives that don't pose this risk?
  • A gross albeit happy accident

    I’m not especially proud of this but I was, all of a sudden and totally wirhout warning, super horny when I was eating dinner in front of my laptop. It was Nachos, finger food so I thought – fuck – what’s the point of having a free hand if you’re not going to use it? And in my privacy discovered that sourcream is a pretty effective, albeit extremely messy lubricant. Credit should probably go towards the cheesy nacho grease too.

  • Fruit roll-up

    I once wrapped a fruit roll-up around my bf's cock and sucked till it was all gone. He loved it, and it was tasty, albeit sticky

    Technically not fapping but hey I figured you peeps would be happy for the imagery regardless