why you like evelyn lin

  1. 287

    asian girl next door

  2. 156


  3. 94

    innocent asian

  4. 69


  5. 50

    tight little body

  6. 26


  7. 23

    screaming anal

  8. 23

    great voice

  9. 22

    ยท chinese

  10. 20

    so innocent, so asian, and so loves the diznick!

  11. 14

    chinesse cute

  12. 14

    chinese and beautiful... rare

  13. 7


  14. 6

    was ny neighboor for 6 years, came to my bbq

  15. 6

    british born chinese

  16. 5

    looks like my daughter

  17. 5

    dumb chink whore

  18. 5

    copied off her in math

  19. 4

    because she is very sexy.

  20. 3


  21. 2

    she is my wife

  22. 2


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  1. zarlicksBEST COMMENT

    A whore nothing less than a slut

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    311 months ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    She is beautiful angel Evelyn

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    05 months ago
  3. Love to have this slut for an hour....doggie style

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    010 months ago
  4. Evelyn lin footjob

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  5. A slut

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  7. She sexy

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  8. evelyn lin

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  9. evelyn lin

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    02 years ago
  10. I saw Evelyn Lin at an auto show in El Monte, California. After I gave her $50 for her autograph, I asked her if there was any guy she wouldn't blow. Without hesitation, she pointed to me! Shit!

    02 years ago
  11. My fantasy is having Evelyn Lin wake me each morning by gently sucking on my penis. I would pretend to be sleeping as she sucked, awakening only upon ejaculating in her lovely mouth.

    02 years ago
  12. Evelyn is paid $400 per blow job, so she easily grosses $8,000 per day. I tried to trick her by posing as a casting agent, offering her a major role in an upcoming ballbuster flick. She called security. She is a very intelligent girl!

    02 years ago
  13. No statistics available on Evelyn Lin's height, because she is ALWAYS on her knees. I gave her a nice birthday gift............kneepads, to protect those silky knees while she is performing fellatio.

    02 years ago
  14. Has anyone ever seen Evelyn Lin without at least one penis in her lovely mouth?

    02 years ago
  15. Lucky bloke, he is! I am a chronicler for Guiness, too, but they always send me on
    assignments such as "World's Record for Spontaneous Flatulence", or the like!

    02 years ago
  16. A chronicler from the Guiness Book of Records called upon dear Evelyn Lin, for the purpose of an entry into that famed publication, as the woman who holds the world's record for the number of fellations. Evelyn ended up sucking him off, too!

    02 years ago
  17. In addition to being a veritable expert in fellatio, Evelyn is intelligent, affable, very attractive, fun, humorous, witty, accommodating- in short, the perfect mate. However, she is unhappily married to pornographer Jeffrey Stein.

    02 years ago
  18. I am a pornographer. I had Evelyn Lin on a high end porn shoot last night. She was so horny that after a full sex scene with actor Jerry Eisenpetzl, he left the studio. After the entire crew had left, Evelyn turned to me, got down on her knees and unzipped my trousers.

    02 years ago
  19. Anonymous replied

    You dude, there is a place for this kind of story - It's called the literary fiction section.

    02 years ago
  20. this page has been taken over by a pathetic idiot and their stupid posts. go fuck yourself

    02 years ago
  21. I am in charge of hiring personnel, at a major corporation. Evelyn Lin came for a job interview. She admitted that she couldn't type, take dictation, make coffee, or even answer the telephone properly. But she told me that she was eminently qualified to be my secretary. She then proceeded to position herself under my desk and began to unzip my trousers. In summary, she got the job.....................so did I!

    12 years ago
  22. Evelyn Lin is a fellatrix, and quite expert at that!

    12 years ago
  23. My english is very not good, but I want to write I want to beef Evelyn Lin.

    02 years ago
  24. I like her for a myriad of reasons, not the least of which the ease with which she performs fellatio. I always fancy myself as the director of one of her many porno scenes, changing places with the male, as I nervously unzip my trousers.

    02 years ago
  25. Evelyn Lin spends 8 hours a day performing fellatio. When I met her, I noticed her well-calloused lips. She is extremely intelligent, witty and remarkably kind and sympathetic.

    02 years ago
  26. Evelyn Lin is my secretary. Every day, at noon, she locks my office door, and gets under my desk. Then, she unzips my trousers, pulls them down and ..............................urgh!

    02 years ago
  27. Anonymous replied

    I'm sure every word of that was the truth.

    02 years ago
  28. She's such an elegant lady, the old fellatiomaniac! Her porno videos are anything but subtle, sucking on all the gentlemen, with reckless abandon.

    02 years ago
  29. Evelyn autographed my penis with her tongue and lipstick, and then erased the signature by way of vigourous fellation. I didn't imagine that I had so much spunk in storage!

    02 years ago
  30. Evelyn Lin is the holder of the dubious Guiness Book of Records award of having fellated all but one male on Earth. Curiously, it was the bloke from Guiness from whom she declined the request for a perfection of the record.

    02 years ago
  31. Too cute for porn with a cockmunching desire that seems to be growing!

    03 years ago
  32. Evelyn Lin

    04 years ago