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Eva Angelina entered the adult film industry at the ripe age of 18 in 2003. She was born in 1985 in Orange County, CA and is of Cuban, Chinese and English descent. She knew at a young age that she wanted to be a pornstar and started filming her own videos at age 14 according to a 2009 interview with the starlet.

She filmed her first professional scene for the well-known series Shane's World. She took a brief hiatus from filming in 2004 at the request of her boyfriend and pondered joining the US Navy during that time, but ultimately went back to porn in 2005.

She has won AVN awards for Best Actress, Best Solo Sex Scene and Best All-Girl Group Sex Scene.

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  1. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    Her hair cut has seriously relegated her from an 8/10 to a 2/10

    112 years ago
  2. Anonymous replied

    you pretty

    09 months ago
  3. Anonymous replied

    mi want pussy

    09 months ago
  4. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    When she grows her hair back, I'll fap.

    42 years ago
  5. she can make a grilled cheese sandwhich,using only her thighs

    07 months ago
  6. holy shit her website scares me

    09 months ago
  7. boobs

    1last year
  8. Anonymous replied

    no pusy

    19 months ago
  9. video records her son showering then masturbates when he's gone but he catches her.

    0last year
  10. Anonymous replied

    you look pretty

    09 months ago
  11. I can't find the video where she secretly hides a video camera to record her son/stepson taking a shower. Later she then masturbates watching it on tv when he comes home early and catches her. It ends with her wanting him to cum in her ass.

    0last year
  12. Anonymous replied

    Oh ,you can't find your little video. Well,fuck you.........suck it up you prissy pansy. It sounds like you've memorized the video,so close your eyes and masturbate. You people piss me off.

    02 months ago
  13. i remember when she was hot

    2last year
  14. leave her hair cut alone. it's not her fault she had head lice

    0last year
  15. I will say that with her hair cut she looks hot, I do wish that she would have gone all the way with a completely shaven smooth look and took her pussy hair with it. I get tired of all these long haired girls. Sexy is bald and a woman who shaves her head shows how much sexier she can be.

    02 years ago
  16. Dude her before the implants and tatoo's. She was fine! Now she has huge tits and gained weight, and has a bald ass head. WTF?

    22 years ago
  17. Anonymous replied

    huge tits and gained weight, and has a bald ass head -- LOL, Sounds like my uncle.

    32 years ago
  18. Man she used to be a fuckin masterpiece before her stupid tattoos, shaved head, prolapse anus, and a pussy that can stretch as far as a football field. I feel really bad for her now if u noticed in her recent videos her anus and pussy are just falling to the ground, she will be in diapers soon for the rest of her life.

    02 years ago
  19. If she wore her glasses with that bald head she'd look just like Dr Bunsen Honeydew from the muppets

    02 years ago
  20. Anonymous replied

    I'm jizz-ing just thinking about the"Muppets"

    03 weeks ago
  21. dude i wanna see her bald head LOL

    02 years ago
  22. I just saw a vid with her with a shaved head. Why did she do that? she looks gross

    12 years ago
  23. no offense but she looks fucked up with that bald head

    42 years ago
  24. Why has she gone Bald? she was my favourite until then!

    22 years ago
  25. shaved her head now she looks like a diesel dyke. disgusting

    32 years ago
  26. hot

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    13 years ago
  35. Anonymous replied

    not at all, you fucking idiot!

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    who the hell uses the term "negros?"

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    Negro means black in spanish. Idiot.

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    you jizzed in your pants when you saw her.

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