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  1. Dnizzle14BEST COMMENT

    Game Stop slut! love it!

    22 years ago
  2. AnonymousBEST COMMENT

    damn you Gabe Newell!!

    08 months ago
  3. Which Gamestop is this?

    0last year
  4. who is she?

    0last year
  5. So is that what the girls at gamestop midnight release parties do?!?!
    Ive been missing out on that bonus content.

    0last year
  6. amazing

    02 years ago
  7. Half life is fucking awesome!!!!!!!

    02 years ago
  8. Where do you work? Why is she wearing a HL2 shirt?

    02 years ago
  9. the half life 2 shirt shes wearing lol

    02 years ago